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That was great! Now do it again!

First show just finished. They did it! I’m so proud! And it looked great from the audience. (Trust me, I was looking for flaws.) There are still tickets available for show 2 at 10:30…which is about 15 minutes away… There is no rest for the weary, I tell ya.

An email from Brian Neel at 11:30

“THIS JUST IN: The team of Neel, Shipp separatedNeel lost his keys, realizing just after Shipp dropped him at his car. Neel bussed home. Shipp is wandering who knows where, mobile phoneless.” Oh boy. Becky Hellyer

The 8:00pm show

The first thing I should admit is how few times I’ve attended 14/48 when I wasn’t writing. Very few. In fact, to be honest, once. And it was before I’d ever participated. So tonight I’m reminded how fun it can be to just watch – to just enjoy – to not have any ownership of what’s about to go up on stage. It’s relaxing, it’s exciting, it’s fabulous. I’m basically loving it. How come I don’t do this more often? […]

Before the show

I’m sitting next to the stairs. Jaimie Roberts sits next to me for a minutes. She tells me she’ll be doing the second night as an actress but not the first – she couldn’t get out of work. Her theory about why it’s so calm tonight – it’s because the building is so large and rehearsal spaces didn’t have to overlap with each other so much. Not as much stress. I agree but later I think about the rehearsal spaces […]

Who photographs the photographer?

Well, I do. But not very well. John Ulman looking into his camera. Harvey on the sidebar. Becky Hellyer