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A moment with Alex Samuels

SLOOP – Hey, Alex! How did lunch go? ALEX – Seemed to go fine. Jim Jewell’s running the kitchen this week. No fires to put out… yet. John Bradshaw made us some awesome cookies like he always does. SLOOP – What the hell is this about fires? This worries me… how would you handle a fire in this building? ALEX – I’d probably go to the AL and tell them. Then I’d run like hell. Maybe warn some actors… grab […]

TECH – Eggs of Green by Scot Augustson

Shawnmarie Stanton playing the harp is like having my brain massaged with a warm oil… so incredibly soothing! Lets just say the band gets its harp on between shows #2 and #3 tonight. Oh yeah, and the fire which you may have read of earlier… so beautiful. Hats off to 14/48 vet James Frounfelter on his nifty creation. Carol Roscoe is bouncing between the band and the actors doing her directing thing… which she does very well. She didn’t use […]

Dats Cwazy!, part 3

Direct from the DATS CWAZY DEPT. James Frounfelter has been handed the task of creating fire for one of the plays this evening. What does one need to create fire? WOOD How does one get the required wood when in the big city? GO ACROSS THE STREET TO THE SMALL PARK. MAKE SURE NO ONE IS LOOKING. TAKE SAW TO LIMB. FRANTICALLY HACK LIMB FROM TREE. PAY OFF THE PUNK KIDS WHO WERE WATCHING YOU. CARRY THE 7 FOOT BRANCH […]

Fire burn!!!

And the most demanding prop need for the evening… FIRE! Michael Mowery’s at it again. Yesterday he was on the hunt for guns… now fire? What is he up to? “Does anyone know how to make a fire?” – Michael Mowery “What kind of fire?” – Shawn Belyea “A camp fire.” – Michael Mowery (or so he says) Everyone – keep an eye on Michael. I’m a little paranoid with all of this talk of guns and fire. Then Gary […]