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Day 2 – Writers and Directors

Everyone looks surprisingly perky.  It’s going to be fun. Oooo – I’m eavesdropping on the director/playwright meetings.  So fun to listen to Tina LaPlant (playwright) and Tim Hyland (director) reading her play aloud and discussing – so intense.  I think I heard her say “Sister Pig.” Maggie Lee, The Picture of Inspiration, Suzanne Cohen Moving on to Suzanne Cohen and Maggie Lee who are doing drawings of the space.  Suzanne looking for guidance from coffee drinking Maggie who has a […]

Stan Shields to direct Wolverine: The Musical

“I’m not a musical person!” exclaimed Shields earlier in the day. This is easy to say before spending a romantic day with an inspired Eric Lane Barnes piece. After spooning with a bit of lyrical genius, Shields is singing a different tune. “This stuff is really fun,” said Shields quickly, “I have hopes to continue with musicals. Like Wolverine… Wolverine: The Musical would be off the hook!” As he said this, Shields donned three plastic knives from the craft services […]

The Band!

In order of appearance: Rob Witmer: Clarinet, Accordion et al.;Dave Pascal: Keys and Bass Guitar; Alan Echison, Drums; Tim Moore, Bandleader, Vocals, Harmonica; Alyssa Keene, vocals; Eric Lane Barnes: Keys, percussion, et al (not pictured yet.)

Eric Lane Barnes is a genius.

And my newest facebook friend. Here’s his comment in response to my blog entitled “Apropros of nothing, pt. 1” And yes, it deserves its own post. The first two notes of the Theme from Star Trek (which actually has words, written by Gene Roddenberry. And yes, they are deliciously horrid lyrics) is a rising minor 7th. This is the same interval in The Winner Takes it All. It is also the same interval in ‘Ma Coeur a Ta Voix Doux,’ […]