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Ohhhhhh SNAPPPPP!!!!

The inspiration for the play I’m about to write is thanks to: 1.) Tequila2.) Annette Auger Those two elements were key in the discovery of the idea this evening. That is all I say for now… – Celene “Hey look I’m blogging when I should be writing a script” Ramadan

Blerging Away

Oh brother… the post-party is still rolling along… I’m drunk… quote from the par-tay… * “I don’t want Brandon Whitehed to punch me in the face.” – Jodi Paul * Bama says, “Good bye Seattle!” * There’s still another weekend… another weekend? Yeah… that’s right. I would write more quotes but I was distracted… there’s this girl here who I’ve kind of had a thing for… whoo, whoo I’m a drunky train heading to drunky town… yeah, for like a […]