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Overhead in Play 7 rehearsal: “Démoniaque”

Director Tom Milewski: “Everyone roll one to the counter clockwise and read that role now.” Oooh. So it’s second read-thru. Where some real digging in starts to happen. Playwright Doug Willot: “Do you want me here for this or should I take off? Actor Jason Harber: “Get out!” Exit the playwright. Milewski: “Let’s do a little num num num to warm us up.” Everybody at the table goes “Num num num” or otherwise vocalizes to warm up their glorious instruments. […]


Sergeant Wooster’s All Man Band

Flashback to this morning – someone came up to Megan Ahiers and said, “The band has a name.” “What is it?” “Sergeant Wooster’s All Man Last Stand Band.” “Our band is all man?” Megan was taken by surprise. “Apparently it is… I thought we were missing a couple of ladies last night at the Thursday meeting, but apparently not!” said the person who’s voice I didn’t recognize, and face I didn’t see from a distance. So a strange anomaly seems […]

One For The Thumb!

One of the fun side-stories this weekend involves Doug Willott. He’s in the 14/48 band, and this makes him the first person to complete the 14/48 cycle, having tackled all five disciplines. There is no official title for this accomplishment. Megan Ahiers has suggested “The Fister”, but it’s unclear whether or not that is going to stick… Whatever we call it, it is a remarkable thing for one person to be able to write, direct, act, design, and play in […]

Images from Lunch

Friday’s crew takes a break to refuel and relax just for a bit. Actors with scripts in hand, mumbling lines as they start to get off book, directors looking at the day’s schedule, planning their afternoons as they enjoy their salads and sandwiches. Round of applause for our kitchen volunteers fora great lunch spread.Photo: Agastya Kohli Front page of Sara Porkalob’s scriptPhoto: Agastya Kohli Sam Read finds a quiet corner to work on his linesPhoto: Agastya Kohli

devil. details. underwear.

Talking with Virgin Design Team member Doug Willott about costumes, details, and underwear.