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14/48 Stage Manager, Lou Butler, has arrived! Quick Quotes and Tiddly Bits: “Intense. The day has been on constant fast forward. Veterans have asked if I’m going to barf.” – Arreola – VIRGIN ACTOR (Hey, don’t barf on me, buddy.) “It has to come from the heart… I’m starting to find it.” – Ryan Higgins – ACTOR (asked how the ‘girly wave’ he was directed do was going for him) Morgan Rowe is wearing a birthday hat… yup. “God… we […]


SLOOP: How has your morning been going? EK: Really fun. A good group of boys. Surrounded by the men, just the way I like it. Got a weird, sci-fi piece. Instead of going big, we’re going smaller and weirder than ever. * She then left the room with her bagel and cola before I could ask her about the dangers of Director Butterflies. Will pursue the answer to this at a later time.*