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Miracles are for suckas’!

What happened at the meeting… * Erin Stewart walked in wearing something sexy and then hit on Jesus Christ.* Deb informed people to puke outside if they have to puke. Apparently last weekend we had a puker who missed the toilet… I blame Heather Gautschi.* Belyea told me to ‘Shut the fuck up.’* Otherwise, the standard 7:00 meeting… clean up your shit and have a good show. I’m going to get another beer.

14/48 – The Unsung Heroes (or, The Cookieman Cometh)

Jim Jewell chops lettuce in a basement. Deb Fialkow, over lunch, tells the story of her decision not to go to Walla Walla for her beau’s birthday, and for, as she’s now mentioned twice, “lake party.”She had been teaching in Leavenworth, and had all of John Bradshaw’s Tupperware in her car. See, ‘Martyr John’ had been planning to go to Leavenworth also, for the aforementioned “lake party”, but had come down with the flu. So, instead, he was going to […]


It’s 40 minutes until lunch. I haven’t had a chance to check back up on Maggie Lee’s play, but I did just see Deb Fialkow teaching Opal Peachey how to strangle someone with a piano wire. Should we be concerned? Jordan

Peggy Gannon just entered the building.

She is here to eat. And also, possibly help. Jodi-Paul is both manning the door and folding programs. He is keeping it real, as they say. Playwrights are showing up again and injecting some much needed rejuvenation into the proceedings. Afterall, these guys just rested up all day. Well, at least in Chris Haddad’s case, I can’t speak for the others. RANDOM QUOTE TAKEN COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT: Deb Fialkow:“Is that my butt? Yep, that’s my butt.” And then later […]

The Wall

Have you hit it yet? I sure as shit haven’t! Though I wouldn’t complain if someone brought me an iced coffee. {EDIT: Deb Fialkow is getting me one, securing her position as the best. person. ever.} So never mind. I’m up here in the theatre again, listening to some jams being concocted by the band. Hearing some original stuff, along with some Star Trek, some You Shook Me All Night Long…it’s sounding pretty great I must say. Ladies and gentleman, […]