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Play #7 – A Tale of Two Cindys

Writer: Scot Augustson Dir: Pamala Mijatov Cast: Trick Danneker, Doug Deans, Danielle Daggerty, Tricia Beigh, Imogen Love Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘I left my phone in the bathroom, and had to go all the way back’ ‘I’m going to try to stop saying the word ‘cunt’’ ‘You’re going to stand up at some point, AND you’re going to lean forward at some point’ “Hard blocking…’ ‘Drunk Ballet? Well, I am sure it has happened’ ‘Are we taking it from… […]

Early Impressions from Show #5 and #6

Jennifer Jasper has a beautiful, sweet touching piece in Etymology last night. Today she has written a play called No Apologies, being directed by Hana Lass, featuring Marianna de Fazio, Marty Mukhalian and Cody Smith. In my three minutes of eavesdropping, it sounded like a play about a couple (played by Cody and Marty) struggling to raise their daughter (Marianna) with a value system they believe in. Given the theme of ‘over indulgence’, something tells me the value system might be […]

Fourth time’s a charm

One of the difficulties with trying to keep track of seven different groups rehearsing is the timing. They are all running on their own schedules and scattered throughout the building. I tried to catch a rehearsal of Zoe Fitzgerald’s “Good Night” three different times, and every time they were on a break. I finally caught it when they ran through tech, and holy smokes… This is a wonderful thing. Charles Smith directs Allison Strickland, Danielle Daggerty, Scott Ward Abernethy, Sam […]