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Tech – Show 7

Jaime Roberts (director for show 7) is telling the band something. I can only imagine she’s telling them to stop getting stone and stealing people’s shit. There are three camping chairs on the stage. Actors are sitting in those chairs and acting. Two of them are wearing bath robes. There have been lots of bath robes today. I don’t know, between the bath robes and the screaming I’m about to lose my freakin’ ‘It’s a Miracle’ mind. Oh lord, please […]

The First Read: Monique Does the Math

I’ve decided to sit in on the first read of play #7: Monique Does the Math written by Elizabeth Heffron, directed by Tammi Doyle, featuring the talents of Angela DiMarco, Colleen Robertson, Michael Katt, Alex Garnett, & Amy Love. As usual with these first reads at 14/48 the director is switching it up quite a bit, having each actor read for nearly every part. As I write, Tammi and Elizabeth are discussing who they’d like to cast in which role. […]


While all of these virgins are at home asleep, dreaming about what their first day of 14/48 is going to present them, I sit awake thinking about my encounters with three of the “pure and innocent” this evening. Encounters which make school boys giggle and grown ups blush… below is what a few VIRGINS had to say before the big dance: COLLEEN ROBERTSON (ACTOR)“I’m afraid of nudity. Not really feeling the nudity,” Oh brother, you never admit out loud that […]