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Saturday Night Breakdown – Playwrights, Breakdown and Show Order

Show #1Kelleen Conway-Blanchard1 Male 3 Females Show #2Wayne Rawley2 Males 1 Female Show #3Matt Smith (not the improv guy – the Balagan Guy)2 Females Show #4Jonah Von Spreecken3 Males 2 Females Show #5Elizabeth Heffron1 Male 3 Females Show #6Brandon J. Simmons (he had show #6 friday, too.  Hmmmmmmm.)2 Male 1 Female Show #7Celene Ramadan (who is watching the 10:30pm show right now!  Ah, youth….)3 Male 2 Females Writers, feel free to get stuff off your chest while you go.  It […]

Play # 1: research mode

There’s almost nothing I can tell you about this play that won’t give the entire thing away. But what I can tell you is that it’s fairly research heavy. I’ve mostly been reading and watching stuff on YouTube so far. Still on page 1. I know where it’s going…but…it’s going to take me a while to get there. We will get there. Doubtful that sleep will happen. Coffee is pretty great right now. Ok…back at it. – Celene

Ohhhhhh SNAPPPPP!!!!

The inspiration for the play I’m about to write is thanks to: 1.) Tequila2.) Annette Auger Those two elements were key in the discovery of the idea this evening. That is all I say for now… – Celene “Hey look I’m blogging when I should be writing a script” Ramadan

TECH – Cafeteria Blossoms by Celene Ramadan

5:45 – Teching show number six… As I walked to the theatre, sipping on my Big K Cola, I passed by show #1 rehearsing. In an amazing exhibit of multi-tasking, Troy Fischnaller managed to flick me off while rehearsing his play. The man seeks to amaze. Upon entering the theatre, Cafeteria Blossoms was getting set to start. Tina LaPadula was standing at the top of the steps holding her tray of mashed potatoes with ketchup and trying to keep her […]

heyyy yeah… just woke up

As I entered my PRESS ROOM, nerves shaken from a long day marinated in coffee, Shawn Belyea handed me an e-mail sent by Celene Ramadan (writer for Cafeteria Blossoms) informing 14/48 she had just woken up… one and a half hours after she was supposed to be present. This is what I gathered from the e-mail (facts may have been adjusted slightly): Hi, sorry… I just woke up (insert emoticon) I was battling unicorns in my dreams with a saber […]

One last night cap…

Before I go and dream of flying goldfish and a talking whale named Gus, I leave you with a few more memorable quotes and moments from the evening… * Mazen Winner Elizabeth Heffron drew the final show for night one – 3 Men, 2 Women * “Andy Jensen is drawing for Paul Mullin.” –Shawn Belyea (followed by a delightful chorus of boos which is the only appropriate response if someone is unable to attend the meeting.) * In the above […]