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TECH – Eggs of Green by Scot Augustson

Shawnmarie Stanton playing the harp is like having my brain massaged with a warm oil… so incredibly soothing! Lets just say the band gets its harp on between shows #2 and #3 tonight. Oh yeah, and the fire which you may have read of earlier… so beautiful. Hats off to 14/48 vet James Frounfelter on his nifty creation. Carol Roscoe is bouncing between the band and the actors doing her directing thing… which she does very well. She didn’t use […]

Loud noises…

PLAY 2 “Dude looks like a lady… you’ll know what I mean later.” – Lisa Viertel (ACTOR) PLAY 3 “Pull the audience into this world by finding the stillness… finding the danger of this world and how we can live in it.” – Carol Roscoe (DIRECTOR) PLAY 5 “Word to your mother.” – Troy Fischnaller (ACTOR) PLAY 6 “I think we should do an improv game.” – John Farrage (DIRECTOR) FROM THE STAFF ROOM “Good thing I’m not tired because […]

New keg…

Tim Hyland informed me that the keg has been emptied around the same time that Carol Roscoe informed me that my sweater would no longer be starring in show #1. Apparently they (the designers) found a better sweater. That’s show business… FIRST SHOW IN 15 MINUTES!

Now starring in show #1…

Carol Roscoe just cast my sweater to play opposite Stan Shields in show #1. First ever 2M, 1W, 1SWEATER show! This is a great day for sweaters every where! FIRST SHOW IN 20 MINUTES!


Michael Mowery explaining to Gary Menendez and Carol Roscoe his “need for guns… any guns… hand guns.” This is making Gary very nervous as the picture clearly indicates.


Carol Roscoe – directing show 1 and looking great while doing it! DIRECTOR’S MEETING – 3pm First director has arrived, Nicole Boyer Cochran, but then she left again… oh well.