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Blerging Away

Oh brother… the post-party is still rolling along… I’m drunk… quote from the par-tay… * “I don’t want Brandon Whitehed to punch me in the face.” – Jodi Paul * Bama says, “Good bye Seattle!” * There’s still another weekend… another weekend? Yeah… that’s right. I would write more quotes but I was distracted… there’s this girl here who I’ve kind of had a thing for… whoo, whoo I’m a drunky train heading to drunky town… yeah, for like a […]

New Ideas From Whitehead

1. Writers have to strike their own sets. Then watch how many sparse German minimalist pieces are written. 2. After being in 5 x 14/48’s you should be able to punch a steering committee member in the face. xoxo “Punch in the Face” Brandon Whitehead

TECH – Expecting Bobby (or Nicole) by Joy McCullough Carranza

Gary Menendez did it… he made Tyrone’s wall. Will probably take a forklift to bring it on and off stage, but Tyrone got his wall. Alex Samuels has rang the dinner bell and the artists are beginning to gather in the staff room. 5:20… I told Brandon Whitehead that I was hitting a wall. He laughed and replied, “You? No one has sympathy for you.” Apparently I’m turning into Charlie Brown. Good grief.


Alex Samuels was busy making french toast on the griddle when I asked him for two eggs, a little on the runny side. Alex responded, “Oh, I’ve got something runny for you.” I was slightly confused by the inflection to his answer, but I said, “Let me grab my plate.” Still waiting to get my plate back. Also: * Mark Boeker was the first actor to arrive this morning – followed by a gaggle of delicate acting types. * Brandon […]

TECH – The Female of the Species by Maggie Lee

Tech for show three has begun – 4:35. Megan Ahiers has just arrived and is sitting next to me. She must have not liked my patchouli scent because as soon as she arrived she left. Oh my goodness… has Brandon Whitehead lost weight? He looks fabulous! I can’t believe he doesn’t have a boyfriend… (Brandon may or may not have told me to blog that) Ahhh… Ryan Higgins almost slid off the stage! Erin Kraft reminds him to be safe. […]

Floor 7 Lounge

Just moved my home base from the basement to the 7th floor. Couldn’t handle the barrage of insults from Alex Samuels… hopefully he won’t find me here. Erin Kraft and her crew of Ryan Higgins, Brandon Whitehead and Troy Lund are currently on break. What I witnessed during their previous run: * hilarity * a massive deer head looming over their process… a ‘spirit guide’ you might say… EK agrees * EK watched her pet from the stairs * there […]