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It’s the End of the World, do we know it?

“No regrets,” can mean a lot of things to people, but there are some common threads of thought among the playwrights: The End of the World The first play by Matt Smith takes place two years before the actual end of the world. The second play by Courtney Meaker ends one world, while starting a new one. In the third play, the potential exists for the end of a current world for a character, if she abides. The fourth play will feel […]

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When I stopped in at rehearsal for Ghostlight by Wayne Rawley, directed by Corey McDaniel, they were talking about what kind of songs needed to be in and lead in to the play. What are some death songs? The director knew he wanted “the theme from Ghost,” yes, the romantic scene between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. “Unchained Melody,” indeed. This play is going to have a lot going on, even more than Patrick Swayze (RIP). There’s a bloody body onstage, lots of […]

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22 Days to Go

Artist Roster adjustments fly through the cloud.Kegs of beer and boxes of wine are being bought.1st weekend Bloggers and the Photographer are confirmed. Please welcome Laurie Rose who will blog and Michelle Bates who will shoot the first weekend.  Laurie blogged BOTH weekends last January.  Anyone who matches that feat in the future will be credited with “pulling a full Rose.”  It has been decided.  Michelle shot last January’s 14/48 and has been associated with the festival since the OLD […]