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14/48: A Crash Course

Thursday’s initial meeting was super helpful and informative. The Virgins were all properly hazed, and then the meeting launched into an epic slide-show presentation (I was disappointed by the lack of overhead projector and stick figures—if Buffy taught me anything, it’s that no presentation is complete without either of these things). Here’s a crash course in 14/48 at the Cornish Playhouse, or, rather, the things I think are most important. (i.e. 10 things I actually paid attention to.) #1: “We […]


a cold beer on a hot day

I talked earlier about the things that fuel 14/48 but forgot to mention the beer because I don’t drink it.  It must be mentioned.  The tapping of the keg is an important part of the tradition.  I asked steering committee member Peter Dylan O’Connor to explain it much better than I could. because, beer

What the hell is going on?

This is Chris Bell stepping in for Troy on the ol’ blog factory. You’ll have to give me a second to collect myself and eat my cheese sandwich. (Takes a bite of cheese sandwich) Mmmm… that’s some good cheese. Now wash it down with some keg beer. (Takes a drink of beer) Much better. Now lets be honest… I have no clue what’s going on. Megan Ahiers keeps looking at me like I’ve done something wrong. Like I should’ve been […]

3 Things

As I walked to the theatre to get my binder from the stage, 3 things happened: * Tim Hyland took me to the vault room which is now a lounge. If you’re coming to see the show tonight do not, I repeat, DO NOT shut the vault door. The only person with the combo died about 50 years ago. * When I arrived in the theatre there was a single spotlight shining on the keg of beer, tapped the night […]