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15 Minutes! 

  10:30 folks, don’t think we forgot about you! It’s Saturday night, you’re ready to party — and have we got some freaky $h1+ for you!!!!! So buckle up!!! 

getting off high atop a ladder (and a couch)

Dear Diary, I just finished lunch and I’m back here in the coolness of the theater.  With the taste of vegan salad with peanut sauce still in my mouth, I sit here marveling at the sensual experience of this theatre experience.  I can hear the box office crew chatting and busily preparing for the show that is going to be starting in less than four hours.  The band is sounding so phenomenal, they are distracting me.  So much talent! The […]

14/48 – The Process Behind Social Networking a Festival, pt.1

Jodi-Paul said I should (or maybe he said couldn’t… I can’t remember) do a post for the blog from abroad so I decided to do investigative work on facebook using posts from those involved to give a report… here it is… 14/48 – The Process Behind Social Networking a Festival, pt.1 ‎RYAN HIGGINS – “14/48 gods, give me something fun. Or something excruciatingly horrible. Either way it’s tome to become an alchemist and turn anything handed to me into gold.”* […]

Tech – Show 1

Question: If you need to hide strawberry topping during your show, why hide it by the band? I mean, come on, one of them is going to start craving something sweet during the show and I’m putting my money on Banton Foster. Ol’ Banton. He’ll be elbow deep in the strawberry topping. I don’t blame him. I’d be elbow deep in the strawberry topping as well.All in all, Charles Smith seems to have a good grasp on the technical elements […]

P.S. I need…

Over in ‘TECHIE CORNER’, demands are being made for sets, props, costumes and lights. First up, Nicole Boyer Cochran: * She needs a bench, maybe two benches, but not chairs… definately not chairs. * She needs a big display of flowers for a funeral… cats out of the bag… there’s a funeral tonight. * She needs lighting which is bright, like a sunny afternoon. * She finished her wish list with, “I don’t need a pony.” Banton sunk in his […]

Dats Cwazy!, part 2

Earlier in the day I reported that Banton Foster was making massive claws for show 3… holy freakin’ cow manure… I just witnessed their beauty… Banton, my hat’s off to you on creating these incredible contraptions! DATS CWAZY!