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Play #4 – Choice

Writer: Stefan Hajek Dir: Stan Shields Cast: Sara Trowbridge, Ashley Bagwell, Butch Alice, Meghan Arnette Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘We can get a white shirt and just draw as many offensive things on it as possible” ‘Go ahead and give us a list of the offense things for the shirt’ ‘All I brought was power heels’ ‘She could wear what’s she wearing now, except for the sweater’ – ‘What’s wrong with my sweater?!?!’ ‘Last time we just sharpied on a tramp stamp’ […]

Three MC’s and One DJ

Veteran Alex Samuels shown here, at the left, flanked by virgins Ashley Bagwell, David Hogan, and Clara Rodriguez, working on David Tucker’s piece Third Runner Up, which is in the #4 slot to close Act I. The piece is directed by Julie Beckman, virge.