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Talk to me, writers

My heart is with the writers. It always is. In some ways the entire festival is about the writers – they create stories overnight. In other ways, the weekend belongs to everyone but the writers. For instance, every non-writer at the Artists Meeting is chatting and laughing – they’re a little nervous, sure. But they’re having fun. The writers, on the other hand, normally confident, gregarious people, are not having fun. They pace. They glare. They clench their jaws. They […]


Jodi Paul announces that Brian Faker is the winner of the Mazen award this weekend. I love it when a winner is described as being difficult – difficult people are sometimes the best people, I think. And when Brian takes the stage he says, “This is so sweet because I know how much you all hate me. It’s kind of like Bush’s Farewell tour!” And he tells us how he hates theater but loves people who make theater. And I’m […]

Who do I know?

One of the first things I do when I walk into a 14/48 Artists Meeting is to look for who I know. Who have I worked with? I’m not alone in this. I like to see Stan Sheilds. He was in one of my most successful scripts therefore, he is one of my favorite actors. Same with Kate Jaeger. And I’m glad to see Paul Mullin and Brian Neel, both writers I admire. I embrace Karen Jo Fairbrook and Nicole […]