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Overheard in play 5 rehearsal: “Showdown”

Seems to be just after the first read-thru. Virgin playwright Ryan Higgins is answering questions from the actors and veteran director Annie Lareau. Veteran Actor Darian Lindle: “What are we to each other?” Somebody: “Besties.” Ryan seems to confirm this, and goes on to explain some relationships and back stories. Veteran Actor Jim Lapan: “Is my wearing a dress at all a sexual thing?” Annie: “No, you’re just a cross-dresser.” Jim: “So my suitcase full of clothes I brought, that […]


SLOOP: Troy, can you describe to me the show you’re in today? TROY: It’s good. It’s a Scot Augustson play and it’s very good. The show is about three strangers who get stuck at an airport and must share a hotel room together. SLOOP: I overheard you telling Carol (Roscoe) that you would not be wearing a clown outfit when you enter. What was this about? TROY: Yes, I was just assuring Carol that I would not be wearing a […]

Memorization has Begun

I entered the Allen Theatre (for the first time ever) and all I can say is… wow! It’s gorgeous. Today, the Allen Theatre is the sacred rehearsal space of Nicole Boyer Cochran and her intrepid 14/48 cast (Rob Burgess, Mark Boeker, Rob Jones, Annie Lareau, Kate Parker). Together they are working on Paul Mullin’s play, /me misses hyperbaric. At this moment, the cast is hard at work memorizing the piece, which may or may not have something to do with […]