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The (“unfortunately named”) DARTH PUSSY performs a rap. 48, 1448 yo… Seven new plays! Jodi-Paul Wooster regrets losing Nick Edwards’s blue shirt at 14/48 AUSTIN. Every time he sees Nick, he remembers that he lost the shirt. So tonight, he RETURNED THE SHIRT! 14/48 is nothing but a Regret Factory. – Jodi-Paul Wooster Sound of Silence by Matt Smith, directed by Tim Hyland The aesthetic reminds me of The Andromeda Strain, the 1970s movie version of the Michael Crichton book. Probably because of the airlock. Three […]

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Weekend One: Saturday Night Line-Up for “No Regrets”

Sound of Silence by Matt Smith Directed by Tim Hyland Eric Mulholland Alex Samuels (Mazen) Kevin Bordi Swap by Courtney Meaker Directed by Charles Smith Peter Dylan O’Connor Jordi Montes Marty Mukhalian Annette Auger The Coho Face Assault of 2013 by Mike Murphy Directed by Kathryn Stewart Amy Escobar Ayo Tushinde Kendra Pierce The Enchanted Highlands by Julia Griffin Directed by Charlotte Bond Derek Kolluri Bob Williams Alyson Bedford Nicole Hodges Mary Ethel Schmidt Ghostlight by Wayne Rawley Directed by […]

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48 Hours to Go / Virgin Fear / Holy Fear / Amen

Ever wondered what it’s like participating as a Virgin actor in 14/48?  Leave it to Paul Mullin, veteran playwright Virgin actor in this week’s 14/48 to describe it personally and perfectly. Click the link to read Holy Fear by Paul Mullin See you in 48 hours…  Click here to make sure we see you.