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Play #5 – The Spring of Hope

Writer: Jessica Chisum Dir: Kelly Kitchens Cast: Stuart Reid, Tim Moore, Jason Sharp, Kristy Munro Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Are we talking as we are walking?’ ‘Maybe it’s some sort of hand shakey bit – like a hand jive!’ ‘You know better than to sit down in this cold’ ‘There is a shitty little cot mattress in the dressing room, and the only reason I know is because I used it to dry my hands’ ‘Oh yes! Hello Band!’  

we’re putting ‘The Band’ back together…

The draw is done. The scripts are in hand. Now comes the big question: What does the Band do? Each band member reads one of the plays, They then take that play on as their assignment, They divide up, find the directors somewhere in the big building, They ask the director: What is the mood they are trying to create? What is the play’s setting? Is there a specific song they want? Is there any foley of sound cues in […]


The (“unfortunately named”) DARTH PUSSY performs a rap. 48, 1448 yo… Seven new plays! Jodi-Paul Wooster regrets losing Nick Edwards’s blue shirt at 14/48 AUSTIN. Every time he sees Nick, he remembers that he lost the shirt. So tonight, he RETURNED THE SHIRT! 14/48 is nothing but a Regret Factory. – Jodi-Paul Wooster Sound of Silence by Matt Smith, directed by Tim Hyland The aesthetic reminds me of The Andromeda Strain, the 1970s movie version of the Michael Crichton book. Probably because of the airlock. Three […]

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“The Coho Face Assault of 2013”

Virgin Playwright drew Play #3 with 3 female characters, and Veteran Director Kathryn Stewart drew his play. So she is staging a full-on absurd comedy with little physical action (until the end!) in one of the smallest rehearsal rooms, the Allen Green Room. Even with all of the furniture shifted back, there is no way to approximate the actual size of the stage. Kathryn faces some challenges: make the play visually appealing, communicate to the actors where exactly in the […]

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Weekend One: Saturday Night Line-Up for “No Regrets”

Sound of Silence by Matt Smith Directed by Tim Hyland Eric Mulholland Alex Samuels (Mazen) Kevin Bordi Swap by Courtney Meaker Directed by Charles Smith Peter Dylan O’Connor Jordi Montes Marty Mukhalian Annette Auger The Coho Face Assault of 2013 by Mike Murphy Directed by Kathryn Stewart Amy Escobar Ayo Tushinde Kendra Pierce The Enchanted Highlands by Julia Griffin Directed by Charlotte Bond Derek Kolluri Bob Williams Alyson Bedford Nicole Hodges Mary Ethel Schmidt Ghostlight by Wayne Rawley Directed by […]

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Weekend One: Friday Night Line-Up for “Saved By the Bell” (including Actor Draw)

A Civil Discourse by Courtney Meaker Directed by Cole Hornaday Featuring: Kevin Bordi Kelly Johnson Anette Auger Jordi Montes BBBuhbuhbuhB by Julia Griffin Directed by Charlotte Bond Featuring: Ayo Tushinde Laurel Ryan Val Brunetto Long Playing Record by Darian Lindle Directed by Kathryn Stewart Featuring: Alex Samuels (Mazen) Zoey Cane Belyea Almost by Lindsay Carpenter Directed by Katjana Vadeboncoer Featuring: Mike Gilson Peter Dylan O’Connor Eric Mulholland Kacey Shiflet Erin Bednarz Hold Your Peace by Mike Murphy Directed by Corey McDaniel […]

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43 Tickets Left for the 8pm Show

All artist comps, All-Fest Pass, two-for-one tickets are allocated. If the 8pm is the only one you can make, call ACT’s Ticket Office at (206) 292-7676. If you can make the 10:30pm and like to party, you still should get your tickets at the number above or click here. See those two seats on the left?  Those are probably gone now. If $20 is a little steep for you to see 7 plays based on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” you […]

Unsung Heroes

When you come to ACT tonight or Saturday, there are two or three amazingly patient folks: The Box Office Staff.  When you bought your tickets online or over the phone, they make sure your tickets are waiting for you. They say most everyone is really nice when buying or picking up the tickets but here are some tips: If you’ve got tickets reserved, just your name & which show you’re seeing is necessary. Having your payment method ready to go […]

As We Speak

Seven playwright elves are working on seven ten minute plays based on the theme: Into The Fire. The bloggers await your predictions in the comments. My prediction: One scantily clad fireman. Ladies, get your tickets at HERE at ACT Theatre’s web site.  You can also call the ticket office at (206) 292-7676. 

14/48 is Morse Code for LOVE.

Lunch, tech design, and rehearsal photos: (things are picking up speed so forgive the lack of captions – just enjoy, and come see 14/48 tonight and tomorrow at 8pm and 10:30pm! Get your tickets HERE.