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we’re putting ‘The Band’ back together…

The draw is done. The scripts are in hand. Now comes the big question: What does the Band do? Each band member reads one of the plays, They then take that play on as their assignment, They divide up, find the directors somewhere in the big building, They ask the director: What is the mood they are trying to create? What is the play’s setting? Is there a specific song they want? Is there any foley of sound cues in […]

Saturday Tech

Check out some brief moments during tech! #1448projects  

Saturday Rehearsals

From monsters to knights to doctors, tonight’s shows have something for everyone! See how rehearsals went today. #1448projects  

Friday night shows!!!

Friday come to a close with a bang. Check out some highlights from the show. #1448projects

Friday – More Rehearsing!

Refueled by lunch, the directors, actors, designers, volunteers and everyone else at 14/48 gets back to work! Let’s see what they have come up with for you to watch tonight. #1448projects

Friday 14/48 – The Picking and Choosing of Who’s Watching Who

The morning at 14/48 is in full swing. Check out how our morning went. #1448projects


The (“unfortunately named”) DARTH PUSSY performs a rap. 48, 1448 yo… Seven new plays! Jodi-Paul Wooster regrets losing Nick Edwards’s blue shirt at 14/48 AUSTIN. Every time he sees Nick, he remembers that he lost the shirt. So tonight, he RETURNED THE SHIRT! 14/48 is nothing but a Regret Factory. – Jodi-Paul Wooster Sound of Silence by Matt Smith, directed by Tim Hyland The aesthetic reminds me of The Andromeda Strain, the 1970s movie version of the Michael Crichton book. Probably because of the airlock. Three […]

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More photos from the afternoon!

Photos by Joe Iano

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“The Coho Face Assault of 2013”

Virgin Playwright drew Play #3 with 3 female characters, and Veteran Director Kathryn Stewart drew his play. So she is staging a full-on absurd comedy with little physical action (until the end!) in one of the smallest rehearsal rooms, the Allen Green Room. Even with all of the furniture shifted back, there is no way to approximate the actual size of the stage. Kathryn faces some challenges: make the play visually appealing, communicate to the actors where exactly in the […]

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“Sound of Silence”

“Who’s gonna regulate women’s bodies?” I DON’T KNOW “Republicans in our world.” “Can we all have American flag pins?” I stepped in on the Matt Smith play rehearsal, “Sound of Silence,” to the five guys—including Mazen Alex Samuels—talking about what the relationship between these characters was, and how to cast the show. In the play, we learn that it’s two years before the end of the world. Hearing them talk about “casting the old guy as the young guy” (a freshman compared […]

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