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A director’s process

Discussion with Desiree Prewitt, veteran director of 14/48: “Right now the cast is trying to master their lines so when we come back together we can focus in picking up the pace – getting the comedy timing. We spent the morning blocking. Right now, what’s important is focusing on encouraging the actors, giving them positive feedback” As someone who has done 14/48 many times as an actor, Desiree knows the process that can happen to actors – you lose confidence in your […]

Virgin Experience

What is it like to be a first timer in 14/48? Let’s ask a few: Sara Trowbridge: “It’s fantastic to be around so much creative energy and all the people who are here to support you and make it easy.’ “It’s a little stressful. And I am really enjoying it. The frenetic pace is tough, and it is really conducive to creating great things.” Tricia Beigh: “I am lot more tired than I thought I was going to be. Physically, […]

Play #6 – Inheritance

Writer: Kelleen Conway Blanchard Dir: Corey McDaniel Cast: Stephan Hando, Val Brunetto Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Go big, and be honest, we want to remove all the falseness’ ‘Can one of you say how inspired you are by your director?’ ‘It depends on all the fucking elements’ ‘Well, my acting career started in High School…’

Play #1 – Touch Me I’m Sick

Writer: Joe Zavadil Dir: Neil Reading Cast: Rachel Delmar, Trei J. Lazzara, Jodi Paul Wooster Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Use your words’ ‘I’m sucking down the red bull and vodka’ ‘Instead of avoiding it, I’m gonna get these two shit faced and bang them’ ‘You need to say something dude, so we all have the permission to fuck off’ ‘It’s semi implied, but it isn’t actually brought home till then’ ‘Oh my god!!! How am I going to remember […]

Play #7 – A Tale of Two Cindys

Writer: Scot Augustson Dir: Pamala Mijatov Cast: Trick Danneker, Doug Deans, Danielle Daggerty, Tricia Beigh, Imogen Love Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘I left my phone in the bathroom, and had to go all the way back’ ‘I’m going to try to stop saying the word ‘cunt’’ ‘You’re going to stand up at some point, AND you’re going to lean forward at some point’ “Hard blocking…’ ‘Drunk Ballet? Well, I am sure it has happened’ ‘Are we taking it from… […]

Play #4 – Choice

Writer: Stefan Hajek Dir: Stan Shields Cast: Sara Trowbridge, Ashley Bagwell, Butch Alice, Meghan Arnette Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘We can get a white shirt and just draw as many offensive things on it as possible” ‘Go ahead and give us a list of the offense things for the shirt’ ‘All I brought was power heels’ ‘She could wear what’s she wearing now, except for the sweater’ – ‘What’s wrong with my sweater?!?!’ ‘Last time we just sharpied on a tramp stamp’ […]

Play #3 – Fries Before Guys

Writer: Nelle Tankus Dir: Mark Fullerton Cast: Mitch Harris, Jessica Stepka, Macall Gordon Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘What mood are you trying to capture?’ ‘Wow, it’s a little early in the day for that…’ ‘That is the largest bathroom in all the McDonalds’ ‘I’m sorry – I got all trigger happy’ ‘That’s so dumb, it just might work’ ‘I am starting to sound like a gypsy gramdma’ ‘Somewhere in this day, time speeds up’ ‘It is going to stay this […]

Play #5 – The Spring of Hope

Writer: Jessica Chisum Dir: Kelly Kitchens Cast: Stuart Reid, Tim Moore, Jason Sharp, Kristy Munro Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Are we talking as we are walking?’ ‘Maybe it’s some sort of hand shakey bit – like a hand jive!’ ‘You know better than to sit down in this cold’ ‘There is a shitty little cot mattress in the dressing room, and the only reason I know is because I used it to dry my hands’ ‘Oh yes! Hello Band!’  

Play #2 – Damn, Mama

Writer: Seayoung Yim Dir: Desiree Prewitt Cast: Kaleb Hagen-Kerr, Jose Amador, Alex Samuels, Erin Bednairz Overheard during the read thru: ‘Damn, she’s a stone cold bitch’ ‘I kind of see you as Donald Trump Jr.’ ‘She probably had kids when she was a teenager’ ‘I started writing at three in the morning’ ‘I saw the stage directions had a choking…’ ‘Can we make it say ‘nice ass’ in Italian?’ ‘It would be nice if it was a lacy number (dress), like […]

we’re putting ‘The Band’ back together…

The draw is done. The scripts are in hand. Now comes the big question: What does the Band do? Each band member reads one of the plays, They then take that play on as their assignment, They divide up, find the directors somewhere in the big building, They ask the director: What is the mood they are trying to create? What is the play’s setting? Is there a specific song they want? Is there any foley of sound cues in […]