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3pm Director’s Meeting

We learned that stage manager Lou Butler has a Culinary Arts Degree form the University of Alaska.  Someone joked that her thesis was on venison. Lou replied “I know how to gut and skin a moose in 2 minutes.  A moose is bigger than you.” Anyway…… Only 2 directors were late (3:03pm ain’t 3:00).  The following is paraphrased: ~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~# Lou: You know there are no light changes when these scenes change, right? Director: Derek said it could be done. Lou:  […]

43 Tickets Left for the 8pm Show

All artist comps, All-Fest Pass, two-for-one tickets are allocated. If the 8pm is the only one you can make, call ACT’s Ticket Office at (206) 292-7676. If you can make the 10:30pm and like to party, you still should get your tickets at the number above or click here. See those two seats on the left?  Those are probably gone now. If $20 is a little steep for you to see 7 plays based on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” you […]

Rehearsal #1 12:45pm

I will not lie. When the theme “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was drawn, I feared that a Virgin Writer was going to do some “Wizard of Oz” take and “oh wouldn’t it be clever if Dorothy was really a hooker or a drag queen… ha ha ha.” Virgin Writer David Schmader wrote a script with “Wizard of Oz” the base of the story. And I’m really enjoying watching the rehearsal. And that’s all I’ll write. The cast has the comedic […]

Rehearsal #7 12:20pm

Show #7 This is the show with David Hogan who is feeling under the weather.  Steering Committee member Deb Fialkow is understudying him. She watches David like a hawk.  A situation like this could be unnerving but the key factor of calm was that David told folks the first thing as he waked in the door.”I’m sick and if I can do it, I’ll do it” So far, so good.  he’s looking like a champ. this is also a show […]

January 16, 2010: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Play #1: Pretty Little BluebirdsWritten by David SchmaderDirected by Julie Beckman Chris EnsweilerAlex SamuelsDavid GoldsteinAlyson Scadron-BrannerHana Lass Play #2: Birds FlyWritten by Marcy RodenbornDirected by Tina LaPlant Lyssa BrownKeira McDonaldJennifer Moon Play #3:  Sending a MessageWritten by Scotto MooreDirected by Liam Cole Connor TomsMik Kuhlman Play #4: The Prisoner of IdWritten by David Tucker IIDirected by Darian Lindle Matthew MiddletonRay TagavillaBetsy SchwartzKhanh Doan Play #5:  Conducting BusinessWritten by Nick StokesDirected by David Bennett Kaleb Hagen-KerrAshley BagwellAndrew MacMastersSylvie Davidson Play #6:  […]

The Hush….then the Buzz…

After the play draw this always happens: Newly matched directors and playwrights meet and say “Nice work last night.” then they decide will they read the play together or separately.  then the room gets quiet.  Like Taking-the-SAT quiet.  That lasts about 3 minutes.  Then the questions start. “So I’m thinking…”  or  “Should this be played straight or funny?”  or “are the characters in on the joke or do they really think this is happening?”And the buzz starts.  The exchange of […]

The Band!

In order of appearance: Rob Witmer: Clarinet, Accordion et al.;Dave Pascal: Keys and Bass Guitar; Alan Echison, Drums; Tim Moore, Bandleader, Vocals, Harmonica; Alyssa Keene, vocals; Eric Lane Barnes: Keys, percussion, et al (not pictured yet.)

Virgewatch: Third Runner Up

I enter the Bullit Cabaret, rehearsal space for veteran writer David Tucker’s play “Third Runner Up”, featuring an astonishing virge count; 4 out of 5! That’s four virges ( one director and three actors) to one veteran. Virge director Julie Beckman sits at a table with veteran bandleader Tim Moore talking about sound needs. The actors are busy. Alex Samuels, the only veteran, seems fairly calm. He walks around avoiding the camera. Virgin Clara Rodriguez oscillates between hydrating and pacing […]

As We Speak

Seven playwright elves are working on seven ten minute plays based on the theme: Into The Fire. The bloggers await your predictions in the comments. My prediction: One scantily clad fireman. Ladies, get your tickets at HERE at ACT Theatre’s web site.  You can also call the ticket office at (206) 292-7676. 

And the winner is…

Mik Kuhlman. Actor and director accepting her award and sharing with the band.