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Director Thoughts.

I decided to try and find all the directors to get some insights from them.  Most were very busy but they were all very willing to talk to me.  I asked them to tell me (in one word) how they were feeling right at that moment and also one word to describe their show.  Here you go. Show #1: “Inanimacy” directed by M. Elizabeth Eller Feeling: Hopeful Show: Fucktastic Show #2: “Funerals” directed by Mik Kuhlman Feeling: Great Show: Sweet […]

Lessons Learned

Here are some things I have learned this weekend: MJ Sieber (playwright) doesn’t ever sleep.   Stage Managers need pants with pockets. Ryan Higgins (actor) is very flexible. Beer is better cold. Alyssa Keene (band) knows how to play a lot of different instruments.   There are so many people willing to do thankless jobs just for the chance to be involved in this festival. Salo (band) cuts his sandwiched into quarters and doesn’t eat the crusts. Even people in […]

I’m with the band.

Everyone involved in the festival works their butts off.  Seriously.  It would be difficult to say that one group of people has a harder job than another.  But one group who would definitely be in contention for “hardest workers” would be the 14/48 band.   These musicians are amazing.  They show up in the morning, read the scripts for the seven shows, and then get to work.  Emissaries are sent to each director to see what their vision is for […]

Half Way

At lunch, all the artists mingle together in an orgy of food and beverage. Alex Samuels and his dedicated kitchen helpers have created a feast: watermelon soup, make-your-own-sandwich bar, fried chicken, chips and salsa, fresh salad, fruit: you name, he has it. Well, you name one of the things on the list I just wrote, and he has it. No one is simply eating, though. They are memorizing lines, talking about props, discussing music for the show, working on dialects, […]

What you will be seeing tonight.

14/48 Weekend One, Night Two Theme: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished ACT ONE Inanimacy by MJ Sieber, directed by M. Elizabeth Eller Starring Kate Kraay, Chris Bell, Sam Hagen, and Charles Leggett Funerals by Becky Bruhn, directed by Mik Kuhlman Starring Lyam White, Shane Regan, and Annie Jantzer Mister Gibbers by Erin Stewart, directed by Tyrone Brown Starring Mark Fullerton and Sean Mitchell We’re From Ohio by Chris Haddad, directed by Aimee Bruneau Starring Troy Fischnaller, Nik Perleros, Roy Stanton, […]

Playwright update: Becky Bruhn

Email received 4:39 AM. On the way out of the theatre tonight, a friend told me I should “stretch myself” and write a serious script. Um, no. I don’t do that. Plus, it’s not a good idea to stray on Saturday. This gal’s opinion. But something ended up getting lodged in my brain, something serious, and I could not get rid of it. I fought the idea for two hours then finally realized I just had to do it. It […]

Playwright update: Jim Jewell part 2

Email received 2:52 AM. Staring at the clock and watching the minutes tick away. Frankly convinced that this completed play I have in front of me is too weird, dark and offensive to actually convey what I’d like it to, and so the process began anew at 2:30. 21 minutes later, and I’ve got nuthin’, I tell ya.