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Saturday Tech

Check out some brief moments during tech! #1448projects  

Saturday Rehearsals

From monsters to knights to doctors, tonight’s shows have something for everyone! See how rehearsals went today. #1448projects  

“Drawn” By Darian Lindle -Penelope

I am now sitting watching a rehearsal of “Drawn” It Is a nice play, seems to be set in the old West with a Sherriff and a cowboy, it is humorous and interesting. Very very nice job of writing and amazing actors. I really enjoy sitting in this rehearsal. They all work together greatly and it’s a really good show. I love sitting in here! They’re doing their “homework all together by watching a snip of an old West movie. […]


Friday night shows!!!

Friday come to a close with a bang. Check out some highlights from the show. #1448projects

Friday – More Rehearsing!

Refueled by lunch, the directors, actors, designers, volunteers and everyone else at 14/48 gets back to work! Let’s see what they have come up with for you to watch tonight. #1448projects

Friday 14/48 – The Picking and Choosing of Who’s Watching Who

The morning at 14/48 is in full swing. Check out how our morning went. #1448projects

Closing night of “Dessert”

The cherry on top of the cherry top! The grande finale of the piece de resistance! Screw it, I’ll just report the facts… The actors from earlier shows have distributed slender black headbands with black pipe cleaner antenna attached.  We’ve been encouraged to style them as we see fit… Whadda ya think? Ooh!  The show has begun and it’s clear that we, the audience, are fulfilling the role of: ARMY OF COCKROACHES! It’s OK, you’re part of the cockroach ruling class. […]

Closing night of “The Salad Course”

lice-over work of the captain was exquisite! Primary colored shirts, black movement pants, and improv games with suggestions from the audience are kicking off play #2. Based on the audience suggestions, anteaters and wood carving teachers are beginning an improvisation.  I do believe that we, the audience, are filling the role of cruise ship guests.  If so, I feel like I should be wearing a LOT more sequins… Improv #2 is set in a cemetery and has taken the audience […]

Wrapping up tech…

You know what’s great about tech at 14/48?  The plays don’t fall apart like they do in other tech processes; instead, they come together.  You wouldn’t think that a run-thru with new costumes and props and sets and music would be cohesive and full of energy at 10pm on Wednesday night and yet… it was! If you know me, you know I’m a pretty straight-shooter, and I gotta say… the band is cooking’, the chefs have prepared a symphonic feast, the disco ball […]

Observations from Play #4

Lab coats. Correction: sexy lab coats. Mutant Cockroach Overlords. Super cute leggings.  Also, they may be MORE than leggings… Original songs and some sweet, sweet dance moves.  I mean, this is for the dessert course, so OBVIOUSLY those dance moves will be sweet! Noted.