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Closing night of “Dessert”

The cherry on top of the cherry top! The grande finale of the piece de resistance! Screw it, I’ll just report the facts… The actors from earlier shows have distributed slender black headbands with black pipe cleaner antenna attached.  We’ve been encouraged to style them as we see fit… Whadda ya think? Ooh!  The show has begun and it’s clear that we, the audience, are fulfilling the role of: ARMY OF COCKROACHES! It’s OK, you’re part of the cockroach ruling class. […]

Closing night of “The Salad Course”

lice-over work of the captain was exquisite! Primary colored shirts, black movement pants, and improv games with suggestions from the audience are kicking off play #2. Based on the audience suggestions, anteaters and wood carving teachers are beginning an improvisation.  I do believe that we, the audience, are filling the role of cruise ship guests.  If so, I feel like I should be wearing a LOT more sequins… Improv #2 is set in a cemetery and has taken the audience […]

Wrapping up tech…

You know what’s great about tech at 14/48?  The plays don’t fall apart like they do in other tech processes; instead, they come together.  You wouldn’t think that a run-thru with new costumes and props and sets and music would be cohesive and full of energy at 10pm on Wednesday night and yet… it was! If you know me, you know I’m a pretty straight-shooter, and I gotta say… the band is cooking’, the chefs have prepared a symphonic feast, the disco ball […]

Observations from Play #4

Lab coats. Correction: sexy lab coats. Mutant Cockroach Overlords. Super cute leggings.  Also, they may be MORE than leggings… Original songs and some sweet, sweet dance moves.  I mean, this is for the dessert course, so OBVIOUSLY those dance moves will be sweet! Noted.  

Observations from Play #3

The tropical theme continues!  The costumes are particularly splendiferous in this one!  Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the ingenuity of Meaghan Darling! Fantastic! (Ugh, sorry for the abundance of exclamation points…) OK, back to it… This show checks a lot of boxes for this blogger and I would venture a bet to say that it will for you, too… Pineapples? CHECK. Erin Stewart playing a uke? CHECK. Fire dancing? CHECK. Dark and disturbing humor from the mind of Kelleen […]

Observations from Play #2

The cruise theme is continuing… Shawn is going to be so PROUD!!! This play may or may not include the following references and elements: Quetzalcoatl An amateur improv troupe A Mid-Atlantic dialect Fosse hands Bilingual text Ayo is STOKED!

Observations from Play #1

Earlier in the week, Shawn expressed his dismay at the Destiny Meeting that none of the playwrights or designers from the previous weekend had incorporated the current design scheme into their pieces. Well, Mr. Belyea, your dreams are going to be fulfilled this week! During tech #1, I’ve seen some Hawaiian shirts, heard the strains of the “Love Boat” theme, and fanny packs. You heard that right, James.

Tech: 2 perspectives

Actor perspective: Show up, sit around for a while and wonder “when it’s going to get started”. Designer perspective: How are we going to get all of this done?  I haven’t had time to eat or pee and where the hell did that pipe cleaner crown go??? Luckily, the actors are all charming and 75% more attractive than other Seattle-ites. Luckily, the designers are all wizards and 75% more clever (cleverer???) than other Seattle-ites.   Seriously, you can Snopes that shit.   […]

Here’s the gossip!

Fact: Chef Mark Missing used to do musical theatre in high school. “Blackberries rule the world!” Fact: The entree actor/director team says that there may or may not be dry humping. “…boozy goat cheese…” Fact: Band member Kevin Nortness was once traumatized by a steel drum gig and was in the second 14/48 EVER at the original ConWorks!

Themes & Teams

Erin Stewart drew Annie Lareau’s theme… (drumroll, please)… Tip the Balance!!!! The writers and chefs were handed envelopes with one half of a famous duo (ex: Romeo & Juliet, peanut butter & jelly) The actors and directors envelopes contained members of famous groups and sought out their group members… Chefs rolled the dice (yes, literally) to discover what their featured ingredient would be… Here are the results! Appetizer Writer: Phil Arnsberg Chef: Tim Hodgson Actor/director team: “The Hobbits” Ingredient: Heirloom Tomatoes […]