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She’s With the Band

Kelly Johnson is bartender and band liaison for 14/48 this weekend, so she’s got 2/3 of sex, drugs and rock and roll down. As band liaison, it’s her job to get anything the musicians need. Most of the time, that means finding music, but it might mean finding sound effects, or even turning videos of “delightful water sounds to fall asleep to” into a sound file.

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The Band Organizes

At some point midmorning, the band split to meet with directors and reconvened. The first order of business is to run through the opening song. Like every 14/48, the band will be opening with an original song, written last night on the night’s theme (Fake it Til Ya Make It). They play together, figuring out new riffs, tweaking notes and playing with different options. It goes between sounding like a promising work-in-progress (slightly muted voices, tentative tries and tweaks on […]

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we’re putting ‘The Band’ back together…

The draw is done. The scripts are in hand. Now comes the big question: What does the Band do? Each band member reads one of the plays, They then take that play on as their assignment, They divide up, find the directors somewhere in the big building, They ask the director: What is the mood they are trying to create? What is the play’s setting? Is there a specific song they want? Is there any foley of sound cues in […]

Wrapping up tech…

You know what’s great about tech at 14/48?  The plays don’t fall apart like they do in other tech processes; instead, they come together.  You wouldn’t think that a run-thru with new costumes and props and sets and music would be cohesive and full of energy at 10pm on Wednesday night and yet… it was! If you know me, you know I’m a pretty straight-shooter, and I gotta say… the band is cooking’, the chefs have prepared a symphonic feast, the disco ball […]

Observations from Play #1

Earlier in the week, Shawn expressed his dismay at the Destiny Meeting that none of the playwrights or designers from the previous weekend had incorporated the current design scheme into their pieces. Well, Mr. Belyea, your dreams are going to be fulfilled this week! During tech #1, I’ve seen some Hawaiian shirts, heard the strains of the “Love Boat” theme, and fanny packs. You heard that right, James.

Here’s the gossip!

Fact: Chef Mark Missing used to do musical theatre in high school. “Blackberries rule the world!” Fact: The entree actor/director team says that there may or may not be dry humping. “…boozy goat cheese…” Fact: Band member Kevin Nortness was once traumatized by a steel drum gig and was in the second 14/48 EVER at the original ConWorks!

More photos from the afternoon!

Photos by Joe Iano

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What’s the band even up to lately?

  I can feel myself. – Guitar player giving cues Of course the band, DARTH PUSSY, will be playing the classic R.E.M. song in honor of the theme NO REGRETS. They’re currently practicing their closing number, “The End of the Show as We Know It.” Let’s see what that sounds like. Let’s do meows. – On the band doing Scotland, the Brave

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14/48 – End of Day 1

Day one is over!!!! Time to do it all again!

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Photos from Friday rehearsals!

All photos taken by Joe Iano Photography

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