Big Dogs Club

One of the favorite rallying cries at every 14/48 festival (and we have a lot of them) is, “If you can’t bark with the big dogs, get off the porch.” In the spirit of that particular challenge, we have launched the Big Dogs Club, a recurring monthly donation program that gets you special deals and access to The 14/48 Projects events.

For your $14.48/month membership, you receive:
– Big Dogs Club dog tag, updated annually
– voucher for two free admissions to any The 14/48 Projects event
– a free red cup at all The 14/48 Projects social events (which we will also fill with free beer)
– reserved seating option in the Big Dog’s Porch section
– special news and deals throughout the year.

Are you ready to bark with the Big Dogs? Join today.

Membership in the Big Dogs club starts a recurring monthly donation of $14, which you may cancel at any time. Membership dog tag and ticket voucher will be delivered upon joining, and all members in good standing as of January 1st each year will receive an additional dog tag and ticket voucher. Ticket vouchers are good for any show during the calendar year they are issued.