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Destiny Meeting Photos

Thanks Joe Iano!

14/48: Nordo Week One Has begun!

HERE ARE THE ARTISTIC TEAMS! Four world-premiere plays paired with four courses of food based on the theme “Do What You Got to Do” Play #1… “Nood What You Soba Nood.” by Amy Escobar, directed by K Brian Neel with actors Andrew Shanks, Tricia Beigh, Kristina Sutherland Rowell and Mike Gilson. Chef Aaron Willis will create the appetizer course featuring the random ingredient Buckwheat Soba Noodles. Play #2… “Spiders and Flies” by Kelleen Conway Blanchard, directed by Jose Amador with actors Kelly Johnson, Troy Mink and Stephen Hando. Chef Michael Figueroa will create a salad or soup […]