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Wandering around pre-dinner Paige (my fellow blogger) and I notice props coming together. Things are looking good. We run into Brian Stricklin who is telling a sign to dry. “Dry, dry, dry,” he says. I think that is OFFICIALLY how it is done. There is also a prop being painted for play 1 and I here the designers say, “THIN PAINT, THIN LAYERS, THHHIN” Rehearsal continues in various states throughout the inside and the outside of Stage 1 Theater. Dinner […]

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Tech. So much happens. So little time Band. Lighting. Props. Set. Some costumes. Spiking. The directors are running to the back and front of the theatre. Looking for cues, placing actors, and giving direction. From the theatre the lighting master (Lily) can’t hear. Which is part of the running to and fro. Brandon (Director of Play #3) just said “well go back and do that later” which was met with a laugh as he followed it with “…like 3 minutes […]

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What is your favorite part of 1448?

I went around and asked people “What is your favorite part of 1448?” Here is what I found out… what about you? What is your favorite? Erin Stewart “Working with people never worked with, doing roles probably wouldn’t get cast in.” Paige Lowe “You get to see a lot plays, and you get to see … it’s not the same play 7 times, not the stereotypical romantic comedy where thye get together and eat cheese. Or 40 old man having a crisis. […]

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Overheard: “Really sexy… porn… type music” “clean water…” “…the leaves are talking” “Goulash” “The GREAT satan” “It’s always weird” “Marriage is difficult”  

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Morning Rehearsal

  The morning rehearsal. The writer will sit through the first read-through and then it is all about the director guiding their cast of actors through the script again and again. There are different styles. Many read thrus sitting down. Having the actors wander around and learn their lines. A quick read-thru and UP ON FEET and blocking. And stopping and adding. And blocking. Looking around the day has a different vibe than yesterday. It’s cooler and the plays feel […]

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Showtime Act II

Play 5 Animal Jam. Directed by Peggy Gannon. Written by Tina Rowley Performed by: Benjamin McFadden, Matthew Middleton, Erin Stewart, Evan Whitfield (aka Mr. Mazon) The thing I liked most about this play was the actors’ constant movement. They held their arms SO GOOD. And bobbed and weaved like champs. They were champs as characters in a video game. Again casting was perfection. Super fun way to open act 2. Play 6 They Fuck You Up. Directed by Mimi Katano. […]

Showtime Act I

This was a fun night. Every writer made good use of the theme. Every actor acted their hearts out. Every director made strong choices. AND the band killed it. Jodi Paul did the intro to the night. That man can mince some words. He said my favorite word “cadre” when referring to all the actors tonight. A “cadre of talent”. THEN he outdid himself by referring to dionysus when gesturing to the refreshment table. This year there is ONE bucket […]

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