What is your favorite part of 1448?

I went around and asked people “What is your favorite part of 1448?”

Here is what I found out… what about you? What is your favorite?

Erin Stewart “Working with people never worked with, doing roles probably wouldn’t get cast in.”

Paige Lowe “You get to see a lot plays, and you get to see … it’s not the same play 7 times, not the stereotypical romantic comedy where thye get together and eat cheese. Or 40 old man having a crisis. Theatre is better than film… at 1448 there is not enough time to think about what it should be.It just is. A lot of different stuff, different voices.

You don’t know what you are getting and neither do the performers. A lot of talent doing weird crap.”

Jessica Stepka “The people. Seeing people I haven’t seen in awhile, I feel like I am camp again, where you don’t mind working hard… because the peoples!”

Joe Iano “I just want be happy when I show up.”

Megan Ahiers  “Bringing together a lot of people and letting them just make art and not have to worry about anything else.”

Miranda Pratt “Tech, because it’s insane, but also what I do. Different people working together.”

Brian Stricklin “Working with new people I never met before.”

Shawn Belyea “That moment late in the day before the audience starts to arrive and people are eating dinner anywhere you walk you will walk by an actor pacing… and muttering lines … and finding their moment. I love that part.”

Kelly Johnson “I get to come out and play.”

Tia Maitra “The opportunity to get in the zone and create for a bigger purpose.”

Reiko Huffman “The community, a genuine community of people that want to know you and your work. The authenticity that is what I am really feeding off of.”

Val Brunetto “Working with people that you normally don’t work with… equity and fringe… a lovely community that comes together, it’s relaxing… I had to work late on Thursday and this saw sea of magical people.”

Shannon Kipp “A chance to work with people that you might not get a chance to normally work with.”


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