Morning Rehearsal


The morning rehearsal. The writer will sit through the first read-through and then it is all about the director guiding their cast of actors through the script again and again. There are different styles.

  • Many read thrus sitting down.
  • Having the actors wander around and learn their lines.
  • A quick read-thru and UP ON FEET and blocking. And stopping and adding. And blocking.

Looking around the day has a different vibe than yesterday. It’s cooler and the plays feel different. Last night there was a lot of BIG costumes and characters. Today things have a more serious tone. And at least two plays will have southern accents. Or so it seems in this noon hour… everything (and I mean everything) is subject to change.

The transformation from rehearsal to show is impressive. It is smart for actors to conserve their energy at about a 60 and give it 110 for the actual performance. So even with watching a show beginning to end, it is hard to know what it will look like under lights.

What I know from my roaming: there is humor, there are southern accents, some serious themes, and maybe a death or two.

Stopping in on Christine White she let me know that the 2 hander she is in with Roy Stanton is not… the most relaxing of times. Because man. LINES.

Her quote “holy fuck”.

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