Late Afternoon Rehearsals

Plays might be any number of places in late afternoon rehearsals.

In some plays, actors are running their lines, trying hard to be off-book and be sure they have their lines just right.

Other plays where the line load is a little lighter, people already know what they’re saying for the most part, so they’re running and rerunning the plays, making tiny tweaks as they go along, making sure each emotion hits just right on the beats.

Others will make a breakthrough discovery and change the play’s direction completely, but it might be too late this close to tech.

The plays are so much closer to being what they will be tonight, now that lines are mostly learned, light cues are placed and costumes and props are being doled out, but they’re not quite there.

The actors are still storing energy. Directors are still suggesting improvements. Musical cues might be tweaked. People are still talking about dramaturgy.

When they’re there on the stage, it’ll be transformed. 3 hours till opening night.

“That line will be absolutely crushing when you nail it–” Peggy Gannon told Agastya Kholi as she shapes a line, “–Which you will.”

The next time he tries the line, it’s a little more heartbreaking. It will be even better tonight

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