Wandering around pre-dinner Paige (my fellow blogger) and I notice props coming together. Things are looking good. We run into Brian Stricklin who is telling a sign to dry. “Dry, dry, dry,” he says. I think that is OFFICIALLY how it is done. There is also a prop being painted for play 1 and I here the designers say, “THIN PAINT, THIN LAYERS, THHHIN”

Rehearsal continues in various states throughout the inside and the outside of Stage 1 Theater.

Dinner is pizza. People grab slices and seats. There is a sense of lightness and exhaustion. Many actors put their line’s away and choose to just eat and indulge in a bit of conversation.

There is a very friendly, loving way that everyone engages. I’ve said it before and I will say it again… it’s like camp. A really awesome day of camp.

Sitting on the (southwestern) couch I ask Ben McFadden what his favorite part of 1448 is… he is just about to answer when we get interrupted so I turn to Jordan Moeller how he is liking the festival. This is his first. He says it’s been great… exhausting. His favorite part was actually doing the show. He was surprised at how full the house was last night and what an energy shift it was.

Which is true… an actor runs a show so much during the day it can feel heavy. But then, you add an audience, a band, lights, and magic happens.

Kevin Lin another first timer who’s crushing it is also feeling the mid-day drag.

Ben finishes his conversation and comes back to me, what he loves besides “meeting new people and the comradery that people coming together and hanging out bring… it does a nice job of letting us… truncate our process… letting go of perception of perfection… letting go of a perfect piece but still creating something meaningful and dramatic..” He finishes by saying that it is “important to live in the imperfection of theatre.” I like that.

14 minutes till 7pm meeting.

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