BYOP – Bring Your Own Play

When you’re trying to make a play in 24 hours, you can’t make it unless you start a little bit ahead.

Something the audience might not guess is how much all the artists bring with them before the day starts.

Even if they live in town, all the actors bring a full size suitcase of clothes with them. Suits and dress clothes, street clothes and sexy lingerie can all be found in their cases. When you don’t know what you might be playing, and the costumers have a wide variety of body shapes and sizes, it’s much easier to bring along stuff that you already know will fit.

The actors aren’t the only ones who bring stuff from home. Maggie Lee is volunteering as a runner, but she’s worked with the designer team enough that she knew that some play would probably need a flask (which one did) and brought it from home. If they figure out one of the team members already owns what a director asks for, it’s not unusual to grab something from home (like a desk lamp with a clamp yesterday).

The band brings some of their collection of sheet music from home, trying to anticipate what kinds of music the theme would suggest and to get a wide spectrum of possible moods and genres the directors will want.

No one can ever quite anticipate what the plays will require (the band’s liaisons still need to pull sheet music, the costumers still need to pull, make or by stuff, and the designers still have to do the same thing), but everything runs easier when you have a good head start.

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