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Destiny Meeting Photos

Thanks Joe Iano!

14/48: Nordo Week One Has begun!

HERE ARE THE ARTISTIC TEAMS! Four world-premiere plays paired with four courses of food based on the theme “Do What You Got to Do” Play #1… “Nood What You Soba Nood.” by Amy Escobar, directed by K Brian Neel with actors Andrew Shanks, Tricia Beigh, Kristina Sutherland Rowell and Mike Gilson. Chef Aaron Willis will create the appetizer course featuring the random ingredient Buckwheat Soba Noodles. Play #2… “Spiders and Flies” by Kelleen Conway Blanchard, directed by Jose Amador with actors Kelly Johnson, Troy Mink and Stephen Hando. Chef Michael Figueroa will create a salad or soup […]


Wandering around pre-dinner Paige (my fellow blogger) and I notice props coming together. Things are looking good. We run into Brian Stricklin who is telling a sign to dry. “Dry, dry, dry,” he says. I think that is OFFICIALLY how it is done. There is also a prop being painted for play 1 and I here the designers say, “THIN PAINT, THIN LAYERS, THHHIN” Rehearsal continues in various states throughout the inside and the outside of Stage 1 Theater. Dinner […]

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Late Afternoon Rehearsals

Plays might be any number of places in late afternoon rehearsals.

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She’s With the Band

Kelly Johnson is bartender and band liaison for 14/48 this weekend, so she’s got 2/3 of sex, drugs and rock and roll down. As band liaison, it’s her job to get anything the musicians need. Most of the time, that means finding music, but it might mean finding sound effects, or even turning videos of “delightful water sounds to fall asleep to” into a sound file.

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Tech. So much happens. So little time Band. Lighting. Props. Set. Some costumes. Spiking. The directors are running to the back and front of the theatre. Looking for cues, placing actors, and giving direction. From the theatre the lighting master (Lily) can’t hear. Which is part of the running to and fro. Brandon (Director of Play #3) just said “well go back and do that later” which was met with a laugh as he followed it with “…like 3 minutes […]

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What is your favorite part of 1448?

I went around and asked people “What is your favorite part of 1448?” Here is what I found out… what about you? What is your favorite? Erin Stewart “Working with people never worked with, doing roles probably wouldn’t get cast in.” Paige Lowe “You get to see a lot plays, and you get to see … it’s not the same play 7 times, not the stereotypical romantic comedy where thye get together and eat cheese. Or 40 old man having a crisis. […]

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Without Them, We’d Be Stumbling in the Dark

For people who are less theater-minded, the role of lighting might not be as obvious as an actor or writer, but in a festival like 14/48, it’s an essential challenge. Lighting designer Lily McLeod has helped with 14/48’s lighting before, but she’s still considered a virgin on the design team. She explained that lighting is especially important in a festival like 14/48. “When you’re so limited in the set, she said, “Lighting is world building.” The color, intensity and quality […]

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BYOP – Bring Your Own Play

When you’re trying to make a play in 24 hours, you can’t make it unless you start a little bit ahead.

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Feeding an army

If the virgins were amazed by how many people it took to make 14/48 happen, they might be even more surprised by how much food it takes to feed them. This weekend, Jessica Stepka and Alber Sucupira are the kitchen leads. Earlier this week, they met to try to figure out how to keep the staff, artists and volunteers fed for the entire weekend. That means breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, snacks, for people who won’t leave the college […]

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