Monthly Archives: July 2017

Check out how Tech run is going on day 2!

Day two tech run is still happening, but we are less than 2 hours away from the 8 pm show. Plenty of time to change your plans and head over to 14/48.

The 14/48 Band, Dead Levelers, are calling you out!

14/48 Band: Dead Levelers are leveling up and raising the bar for all future musicians at 14/48. Come check out their 4 original songs tonight at 8 or 10:30pm.

14/48 Day two rehearsals are happening!

Seven weird and wonderful shows are quickly coming together for your pleasure. Head on out to check us out tonight at 8 and 10:30 tonight.

Day two of 14/48 is always a little bit harder.

But we say to that, “Raise the fucking stakes!” Day two of 14/48 is in full swing! Check out how we started the day.

Second verse, same as the first (except not really)

I really love the energy of Day 2. Everyone is a little more tired and a little more experienced (as Megan said this morning, the learning curve is high). The virgins have been thoroughly deflowered. The writers started later and, typically, have gotten a little weirder. But I think the other difference, the other additional factor, is trust. We came together and made a show yesterday. Everyone helped everyone else, we proved to one another we could do this, every […]

Friday Night Performances were a feast for all!

If you missed the shows tonight, then you really missed out on some first class fast theater! Check out the video for a hint of what this amazing group of artists can do and find out tomorrow’s theme. Because tomorrow, we are doing it all over again.

Final touches on Rehearsals and Tech

The day is moving fast here at 14/48 and we are less than 4 hours from showtime. Come on down and check it out!  

14/48 Day 1 Rehearsals

Rehearsals are in full swing down at 14/48 and we couldn’t be more excited at what is developing. It will be an amazing 7 shows. Join us tonight!  

14/48 Day 1 begins!

The day started off with a little song from Megan Ahiers. The designers dived in, the band set up and the actors found out what shows they will be doing tonight. Check it out!  

It’s feeling very old school at North

After a few years now in the spacious and swanky confines of ACT, it is definitely feeling a but more rustic in our summer home Stage One Theater at North Seattle College. The theater program here was budget-starved for years before being cut completely in the spring, and this beautiful theater could use some TLC. We’re re-patching lights and re-hanging curtains and rehearsing in lobbies and outdoors and just doing what 14/48 does – making it work. So, basically, it […]