Vets and virgins


“When you break out of the zombie world, ” move your whole body, Mark Fullerton told Mitch Harris, one of the actors in “Fries Before Guys.” Mitch nodded and Mark moved onto his next note.

“We’re at the point where 203 runs is all we’ll get out of this,” he said. “After that, we’ll need an audience.” Which is good, because he also found he was reaching the point in the weekend where his mouth stopped working.

He was heading into the crew’s tech. “We need to go through tech and we’ll figure out what’s imagined and what’s real.”

Mark has been a member of 14/48 in various capacities since the festival first started. In that time, he’s learned to expect nothing, and everything. “Yesterday, I didn’t expect to get a play with a pregnant man, but I got it and I wasn’t surprised.”

Genie Leslie was much, much newer to the festival. Although she had been an usher the night before, today was the first day she’d actually watched the show come together as a design runner. She’d been taking acting classes and wanted to do more with Seattle’s theater community, so she took volunteer positions without ever actually seeing the show.

Seeing the behind the scenes action for the show made her appreciate seeing last night’s show more. It reminded her of when she worked at a summer camp and they’d put together shows based on the week’s theme. “You’re exhausted, everyone’s crazy, you throw stuff together, but you make it work.”

Her work today was mostly clothes. She ran to the Dearborn Goodwill to get the pieces that the costume shop and actors’ personal wardrobes couldn’t provide. She was surprised to find that the goodwill had pretty much everything she was looking for in the right sizes except a plain black button up shirt (they had to make do with a pinstripe one) and 90s grunge t-shirts.

The crew’s making do, though. A member of the design crew was busy folding up old-school fast food hats that may or may not make it into the final play. They were going to print out some iron-ons for the 90s band t’s.

The crews are in the heat of tech. The all pre-show meeting is in less than two hours. The vets and virgins and volunteers have been working together to keep the 14/48 train at just the right amount of off the rails.

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