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What should the band wear?

The musicians started planning their outfits last night. Just like the actors will wear costumes matching their play, the musicians are going to match their costumes to the theme. After they got the theme “it was the best of times,” they decided not to wear black. Instead they picked out “the brightest sparkly thing you can find” (the audience should be on the lookout for Justin Huartas in a gold crown).

Playing Ron Swanson?

Last night, Ashley Bagwell was playing a magnificent (but extinct) sabertooth tiger. Tonight he’s playing “a straight board, right ring republican father meeting his princess daughter’s girlfriend.” When he saw the word “whiskey drinking” and “big fan of free market capatalism” in his character description, his first thought  was of Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson. “I always play around with it for the first couple of reads,” he said, but then he picks something and goes for it. He said […]

British Invasion

This weekend, 14/48 has four artists from the UK 14/48s (14/48: Leicester, 14/48: Wolverhampton, and 14/48: London, but mostly Leicester and Wolverhampton). Director and 14/48 vet Neil Reading said he “got a bit of a gift” with his play today. It had a good script that didn’t have a lot of movement, but did have “lots of rich dialogue” and “a dream cast.” “All four of us were rolling ideas around. … As a director, you want to support that and […]

A director’s process

Discussion with Desiree Prewitt, veteran director of 14/48: “Right now the cast is trying to master their lines so when we come back together we can focus in picking up the pace – getting the comedy timing. We spent the morning blocking. Right now, what’s important is focusing on encouraging the actors, giving them positive feedback” As someone who has done 14/48 many times as an actor, Desiree knows the process that can happen to actors – you lose confidence in your […]

Vets and virgins

“When you break out of the zombie world, ” move your whole body, Mark Fullerton told Mitch Harris, one of the actors in “Fries Before Guys.” Mitch nodded and Mark moved onto his next note. “We’re at the point where 203 runs is all we’ll get out of this,” he said. “After that, we’ll need an audience.” Which is good, because he also found he was reaching the point in the weekend where his mouth stopped working. He was heading […]

Virgin Experience

What is it like to be a first timer in 14/48? Let’s ask a few: Sara Trowbridge: “It’s fantastic to be around so much creative energy and all the people who are here to support you and make it easy.’ “It’s a little stressful. And I am really enjoying it. The frenetic pace is tough, and it is really conducive to creating great things.” Tricia Beigh: “I am lot more tired than I thought I was going to be. Physically, […]

Planning for the Chaos

According to Jim Jewell, Megan Ahiers is the reason this weekend has run so smoothly. According to Megan Ahiers, Jim Jewell got locked out on the smoking porch both weekends of 14/48. The first weekend she only realized that she got the message long after it was sent. She saw they were locked out and thought “Oh shit, this is from 20 minutes ago.” While she was being interviewed, she was called to make sure the toilet paper in the bathroom […]

Drilling lines

After morning rehearsals, the actors have broken for lunch. Some of them are still running their lines as they eat, others just seem grateful for the break. Tori J. Lazzara and Rachel Delmar gathered to eat after working through their lines in the first play of the night. After running through the whole play, they worked through the individual parts of their play. It’s Rachel’s virgin weekend for acting, but she’s worked in 14/48 almost since she moved to Seattle. […]

Play #6 – Inheritance

Writer: Kelleen Conway Blanchard Dir: Corey McDaniel Cast: Stephan Hando, Val Brunetto Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Go big, and be honest, we want to remove all the falseness’ ‘Can one of you say how inspired you are by your director?’ ‘It depends on all the fucking elements’ ‘Well, my acting career started in High School…’

Play #1 – Touch Me I’m Sick

Writer: Joe Zavadil Dir: Neil Reading Cast: Rachel Delmar, Trei J. Lazzara, Jodi Paul Wooster Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Use your words’ ‘I’m sucking down the red bull and vodka’ ‘Instead of avoiding it, I’m gonna get these two shit faced and bang them’ ‘You need to say something dude, so we all have the permission to fuck off’ ‘It’s semi implied, but it isn’t actually brought home till then’ ‘Oh my god!!! How am I going to remember […]