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Destiny Meeting #1: Thunderdome

(Blogging by Jessica Andrewartha + D’Arcy Harrison) Shawn Belyea and Jim Jewell intro the festival with some pertinent info with the fussy Power Point Presentation- exciting?! NO! -Get on with the theme!     ….Patience….patience my darlings…. Shawn shares that a Standard 14/48 play is…10 minutes or LESS! Terry Podgorski of Cafe Nordo shares with us transitions duration between shows+ courses: there is 5-7 min between courses and 10-15 min to eat a course unless it is an entree… “Stuff and Stuff”: AKA the lowdown […]

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14/48 Nordo THUNDERDOME Is Ready to ROCK

Right now in Pioneer Square, there’s a goat on a car and a buzz in the air as actors, writers, chefs, and more are gathered to launch this summer’s 14/48 Cafe Nordo Crossover show. Instead of the world’s quickest theatre festival or a true Cafe Nordo show, this is a monster mashup of both. There will be food. There will be drink. There will be new plays. And it will all still be fun, messy, and exciting new art. As […]

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