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That’s All Folks!

  And we’re out! The spider thrilled, the fruit crushed it, and the private eye solved it all! Thanks to everyone for helping out, coming to it and letting us do the magic we do! Now let’s go drink! 

15 Minutes! 

  10:30 folks, don’t think we forgot about you! It’s Saturday night, you’re ready to party — and have we got some freaky $h1+ for you!!!!! So buckle up!!! 

When they say last minute …

Sometimes they really mean last minute… 

Thank You Five!

   Five minutes! Just about ready for you! 

Here they Are!

  Here’s the cast of Nihilism Blues. They’re pumped and excited to start the show. (And they’re taking a break from running lines to take this picture.)  The final preparations are being done, the fruit is juuuuuuuuuuust about finished, the band is warming up and 14/48 is just about ready to rock your world!    

You need to be down at ACT tonight at 8 or 10:30


An interview with the Brits

I sat to talk to our previous Colonial Overlords (our British friends), Neil Reading and Matthew Beames, about their experiences here in 14/48 vs. back in the UK. Biggest different artistry wise? The overall standard is higher here, slightly.  The average age here is older therefore everyone is much more confidence in what they do and is the confidence that makes the process better. And the age of the festival, it’s a part of Seattle, but its still got 18 […]

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There’s an Actor in There

  Yep! There’s an actor in there. And she’s  asking for a beer. A beer and a really long straw… 

Final pre-show check ins on NOIR (if you are) and CLOUDS

By Penelope Venturini The actors of CLOUDS are working hard as they run through without scripts, trying to remember their lines.  Running and refining.  They have basic props with them in their rehearsal room, even though they do not have the full set,complete with fog.  They are working with what they ahve.  When they finish a run, they take 5 to run over their lines. Writer Matthew Beames from Southhampton, England says he feels very good about the show.  It […]

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Creating Character in a Two Hander

UNTITLED is an … intense play. I’ve seen most of it, but never in order. Its a story of two old friends reuniting, and that’s all I’ll say about that. But because it’s about two old friends that means that the two actors involved in it have a LOT of work to do. There’s no one else on stage but them, no comedic tropes to hide behind, and not a lot of time to establish character, relationship, emotional stakes, and […]