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Five Minutes of Fluff – Tim Hyland

MD: Do you know how many of these things you’ve done? TH: No MD: Ballpark? TH: Between 15-20 MD: Were you in the first one? TH: I watched the first one. I directed for the second one. Michael Neff wrote a play for two women and then they had an extra woman actor and asked if we could somehow use her, so we split the Mary Kay character into two. They found their own pink suits and we split the […]

Five Minutes of Fluff – Shawnmarie Stanton

MD: How many times have you done the festival? A bunch of people can’t remember exactly… SS:This is my 15th MD: Exactly? SS: Yes MD: When was your first? SS: January 2005 MD: How many different disciplines have you done? SS: Two. Acting and band. MD: How many times in each discipline? SS: I’ve done the band 7 times… MD: Do you prefer one to the other? SS: I love different things about each one MD: Do you have a […]

Five Minutes of Fluff – Mik Kuhlman

MD: How many have you done? MK: I have done 18 years worth? MD: Did you do the first? MK: They used my theater for the first, the Mime Theater. I saw the first one and did the second time…I think… MD How many disciplines have you done? MK: Three…directing, writing, acting, oh and designing, so, four. MD: Do you have a quintessential 14/48 moment, favorite moment, or can you describe that thing that makes you continue to come back […]

The afternoon walkaround

Business is picking up as all of the plays start to come together. Here’s a trip around the Playhouse from Joe Iano.

Five Minutes of Fluff – Megan Ahiers

MD: How many have you done as a participant? (Megan is also on staff and when not participating is helping run the festival) MA: 8ish MD: Have you only done acting? MA: Yes MD: Do you have any desire to do a different discipline? MA: Nope MD: When was your first? MA: It was seven years ago, so January 2008 MD: Is there a moment or thing that made you realize you wanted to come back over and over? MA: […]

Your 14/48 band!

The Ratzen Hobos captured by Joe Iano!

What could this mean?

I stopped in to watch some of the band’s rehearsal and after being amazed at the musical conversation going on, I noticed this on the liaison’s laptop. What could that mean? Come to the show and find out!

Five Minutes of Fluff – Rob Jones

MD: Do you have any idea how many of these you’ve done? RJ: No…15…ish? MD: And was that all acting? RJ: I’ve acted and “writed” MD: Writed? Nice using your words… RJ: You suck! MD: Do you remember when your first one was? RJ:… Possibly 2002? Do you have a quintessential 14/48 moment or is there something that you can think of that speaks to the reason you keep doing these? RJ: No specific moment, but I think it’s the […]

Rehearsal Gallery

The process! Here are all of Saturday’s teams hard at work.  

Five Minutes of Fluff – Patti Miles Van Beuzekom

MD: Do you have any idea how many of these you’ve done? PMVB: I started in the 3rd year? MD: so 2000? PMVB: Sure…except for the last 3 or 4 years I did it every time… MD: Only three disciplines, right? PMVB: Three disciplines – acting, writing, directing MD: Do you have a favorite discipline? PMVB: I currently prefer writing because it’s more challenging to me. They all have their attraction though. Acting is getting to be the kid, directing […]