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14/48 Kamikaze 360, how to navigate

We’ve been blogging a lot for 14/48 Kamikaze 360 this weekend: Agastya Kohli, Paul Mullin, Joe Zavadil, José Amador, and me (Catherine Blake Smith, also known as The Network). First off, I want to apologize for so many blog posts. It’s gonna be hard to navigate it all, especially hungover. Secondly, I want to apologize for butchering the misspelling of any names this weekend. There’s a lot in a name–our identity, our personality, our chosen path–and I’d hate to have stepped […]

Day Two PERFORMANCES of Kamikaze 360: Can’t stop, won’t stop

JUST AS YESTERDAY, THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED THROUGHOUT BOTH SHOWS! SO CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES! 8 pm: The band is performing an original rap they wrote, taking the opportunity to dance all over the stage. Tonight they are “The Popped Cherries.” 10:30 pm: Nailed it. “Double Down” by Kate Jaeger, directed by Trick Danneker cast: Marianna deFazio, Pilar O’Connell, Nick Edwards, Brandon Felker 8 pm: Kate Jaeger has taken the theme and run to the edge of the world with it. […]

statistical analytical comparison day one to day two

How many elements have been repeated from Friday to Saturday? I put together these following lists as soon as I noticed the similarities. Director/Writer pairings = 3  Kate Jaeger and Trick Danneker Chris Haddad and Rachel Delmar Ryan Higgins and Annie Lareau Performance Slot = 2 Kenna Kettrick with play #2 Corey McDaniel with play #4 Repeat Casting = 20  Imogen Love acting with Scotto Moore Troy Lund in a Rachel Atkins play Anthony Winkler in a Rachel Atkins play Troy Lund […]

Company Meeting

7pm company meeting is in session! Some actors are in costume, some getting ready. Dinner is still being served and consumed. Belyea goes through house keeping points. Looking for volunteers to help clean up after the show. Stage managers make their announcements and reminders. “If it’s not yours, don’t touch it! Especially tonight. The show is pretty full – less than 20 seats available for the first show. If you’re standing, hug the stairs as much as possible to stay out […]


Wherein Agastya & I accidentally crash the Playwrights’ Meeting

I popped over to catch the tail end of the playwrights’ meeting, assuming that Agastya had been tracking his experiences sitting at the table with all of the playwrights from the weekend. Turns out he didn’t even realize that was the table he was sitting at! I stopped by to overhear from choice quotes about their experiences from the weekend: “This is one of the best experiences I’ve had at 14/48.” – Chris Haddad, Veteran Playwright “We should at least […]

Chat with Annie Lareau, Veteran Director

Buzzing about the dinner area, I checked in with Annie Lareau about her day. She’s directing Ryan Higgins’ play again, ‘Showdown,’ about the final moments of a dance competition. She said at first it seemed daunting, but that her day has been fun. I asked her specifically about the difficulties of staging a dance fight with an actor who recently dislocated his knee in the lobby of the Allen Theatre. She said it was a positive asset because it enabled her […]

Tech Quotes: Play #7 ‘Démoniaque’

“So it’ll just be applause and then the next show will start.” “Those are sexy shoes. I like them.” “They look like chocolate dipped.” “No, she doesn’t want that.” “It’s a sample.” They cross the center of the pentagram and do a high five.” “It doesn’t have to be warm, it can be blue.” “Making specific choices is for chumps.” “You sound like a Katherine Hepburn.” “We’ll let the phone break the mood.” “Lick my balls, sunshine.”

Tech Quotes: Play #6 ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, How Long Can They Last?’

“What’s a good sound to be a sparkle for them?” “That’s the cue: mind games, I don’t think so.” “We either need to be super loud or super quiet on that.” “Pop. Nice.” “When it does, it breaks your spine.” “I’m not standing. I’m dancing. And so are you.” “Thanks for letting us do it.” “Do you want us to button it for something? No.”

Tech Quotes: Play #5 ‘Showdown’

“Thank you, I’m doing that right now.” “Gladiator Hour.” “We have two dance shows.” “That is not my dream.” “God I’m wet. That felt good.” “All night long.” “Drop that fucking thing, Jim. Or I’ll drop you.” “Jim, you dropped your feathers!”

Tech Quotes: Play #4 ‘Fugly’

“Of course you can piss!” “I don’t know where everybody else, but I’m here, solving crimes, taking names.” “You got any waterproof mascara?” “We’re running low on ammo.” “I want her shoes.” “Pete, we’re cutting that light. God bless him, though.” “Oh yeah, this is hard. Fuck!” “Mazen Award Winner fucks it up again.”