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Ready to Rock and Roll

“If your energy is low or you’re feeling tired, RAISE THE FUCKING STAKES!“

14/48 In One Photo

From Play 4 – sums up the weekend.

Tonight’s drink special is…

The Trial by Fire featuring Seattle Distilling Vodka, ginger beer, and sriracha.  Let us put our spice on your tongue.  (You know you want it.)

Friday Night Recap

Matt Richter greets the crowd with panache. Now that the dust has settled and we’re working on new plays for tonight’s show, there’s time for a recap of the shows from last night.  #1  The night started with Pamela Hobart-Carter’s play, But New Thoughts Appear In Our Minds, directed by Maria Glanz.  This story of freedom and complacency was a thought-provoking way to start the evening.  Jocelyn Maher, Sydney Tucker, Melissa Fenwick and Deniece Bleha in But New Thoughts Appear […]

Directors’ Meeting

In the middle of the day, directors take a break from their casts and convene with the tech/design team. Each director talks through the show – noting spacing, blocking, prop and lighting elements – with the team so that potential issues can be identified and resolved in time for tech (20 minutes for each show) to run smoothly.Tonight’s festival is heavy on the technical excitement: there’s some mountain climbing, breakaway glass, etc., but the most technically demanding show is the […]

Design Work

From the meeting I watched, it seems this is a demanding day for the design team – but knowing them, the results will be amazing. Here are some of the props they’re fabricating: -multiple gas/lighter fluid cans-surfboard-vampire stake-multiple uterine sacs the size of entire humans with controllable baby bodies (plus umbilical cord)-small mutant cactus-an entire spaceship (I’m especially excited about the uterine sacs. Maybe that’s just me.)

Play 7: New Experiences

 Jerry Kraft’s play, “Five Before”, is a wonderful piece with which to end tonight’s festival. Five people about to get pushed into an entirely different sphere of existence confront their very different feelings about what they’re about to experience. I don’t want to spoil the surprise – but Five Before is a thought-provoking exploration of our purpose as humans, while also featuring hilarious banter, some very exciting and distinctive costumes, and a ridiculously relevant opera pun. The cast starts blocking.

Ladies and Gentleman, the 14/48 Band

Mazen Award-winner Jason Anderson, Kyle Thompson and Jerin Falkner Kyle Thompson, Jerin Falkner, and Katie Driscoll Katie Driscoll and Mariko Kita Jerin Falkner, Katie Driscoll, and Mariko Kita If you think the band was smokin’ last night, check it tonight.  I might have been heard saying that I could use a blood transfusion for energy earlier but every time I walk by the band, I get a boost.  They are taking “Trial by Fire” to a whole new level. (Photos […]

Play 5: Journey Through Space

Play 5, “Celestial Walkabout”, is a poignant display of the sacrifices you’ll make for your family. In 2163, a girl takes a tour of all the planets to Pluto on her 13th birthday – it’s a traditional Jewish custom, her parents inform her – unaware of the real reason they’ve sent her on the trip. Meg McLynn, Jim Jewell, Steven G. Sterne, and Heather Gautschi receive notes from director Maria Glanz. Jim Jewell cuts an imposing figure. Though it is […]

Play 4: Outdoor Theater

Play 4, “We Would Like to Thank 4Culture”, is taking using the space to a whole new level. Unfolding in real time, the play tracks an outdoor production of Joan of Arc gone terribly wrong. As the characters’ rehearsal unfolds, the chaos leads to a Christina Aguilera cover, a shower of Frisbees, a dogfight, potentially kazoos, a stylized monologue (resembling interpretive dance) performed by two men as the conflicting sides of Joan of Arc’s consciousness, and more – as Imogen […]