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Wrapping up my 14/48 weekend

The early show is in the books and it’s another solid outing. Keri Healey’s play is my favorite tonight. It’s such a wonderful little piece. Allison Strickland and Joe Zavadil (this week’s Mazen award winner) are terrific together. And the show ends on such a great note, with Sara Porkalob joining the band for ‘Rehab.’ I’ve been a huge fan of 14/48 since I first discovered it four years ago, and I’m only more infatuated after having seen everything from […]

Over Indulgence – Visual Art

Here are the works on display (and for sale) from our visual artists tonight.

Company Meeting Quotable Quotes

Quotable quote – “Thank you to all of you artists. You guys are awesome. We do this because of you. If you guys were awful, we would stop!” -Megan Ahiers First show – OPENING NIGHT ENERGY!!!Second show – CLOSING NIGHT ENERGY!!! Also Quotable quote –“And if you’re feeling tired because it’s been two really long days and we aren’t paying you anything other than pasta… what do you do?” – Megan Ahiers RAISE THE F*CKING STAKES!!! 8:00PM show is sold […]

Where will the 14/48 artists be next?

The team at 14/48 is a talented and in demand bunch. If you would like to see more, here is a rundown of some of their upcoming projects. Scott Ward Abernethy – King Lear at Seattle Shakespeare Company Marianna de Fazio – Diana Of Dobson’s at Taproot Theatre Joe Ivy – Truth Like The Sun at Book-It Repertory Lisa Viertel – The Coffee Table and Endangered Species Project Ben Burris – The Boy At The Edge Of Everything at Seattle Children’s […]

The more you know…

This is the kind of thing that always fascinates me. There is a reference in Zoe Fitzgerald’s play, and I thought it sounded familiar. A quick trip to the Google turns up this wikipedia page. It’s a nice easter egg to include Mother Antoina when a fictionalized account would have been fine.

Ticket Update!

The 8:00 show is a hot ticket tonight. As I type this, there are only 18 seats left. So, if you want one, buy now! If that sells out, or you are of the night owl persuasion, there are still plenty of tickets for the 10:30. It’s going to be a great show. See you there!

Saturday Tech – Act 2

Stage crew takes advantage of the bonus time to pre-set show #5, and the band takes advantage by rehearsing their transition into intermission, an out of intermission into act 2. And show #5 cast shows up. Show #5Hana starts by pushing the furniture around to get it just right. Next we start aiming lights at the furniture and people in front of the furniture. As Hana examines the ‘looks’, she asks “is this the living room?” Light board responds “yes”. […]

Saturday Tech – Act 1

While the director meeting was still running a little behind, folks at tech have decided to forge ahead with show #1 anyway. Band is just returning from a break as well. We are now ready for top of show. Show #1 Melissa Fenwick sporting a witch hatPhoto: Agastya Kohli Halloween show. We start with scary noises and kids run up on stage. As the actors figure out spacing (a little “kid stage combat” action to figure out), lighting designers are […]

More Saturday Rehearsals

We just finished our rounds of rehearsal visits and the last two shows are quite different. From Kery Healey we have ‘Atlas Movers’, directed by John Langs. It looks like you will be heading off to intermission with your heart strings having just been tugged. It’s a wonderful little play about the future that may be, framed by deliveries, boxes, and a well meaning mother. That comes right after your funny-bone has been kicked by Peggy Platt and Lisa Koch’s […]

Craft in Progress

“What are you building?” “Oh, just some rigging for a pirate ship!” Suzi Tucker cutting up some wood for the pirate ship riggingPhoto: Agastya Kohli