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Closing Night Energy

“You’re deflowered when I say you’re deflowered!” – Jody-Paul Wooster

Half Hour Call

I can not wait to see these shows in their full glory before the best audience in town.  Break some legs, then break some hearts. OPENING NIGHT ENERGY!

come let it enter you

I just found out that tonight’s band is called “The Broad Strokers” Play #7 is just as, um, shocking as I was told. Sun-drenched raspberries fresh from David Mills garden and melt-in-your-mouth cookies  from John Bradshaw are being savored on the tongues of a hungry, lusty crew. Kegs are being brought in for the afterparty. A wave of eros and chaos has entered the theater like a sirocco. This is happening: I think it’s safe to say we’re not in […]

14 Reasons That You Should Come to 14/48 Tonight

I’m making a list, all internet journalism-style. These are not the only reasons. I could probably write 1,400 but THERE’S NO TIME! Feel free to add your own. Your new favorite band, The Broad Strokers, is even better than yesterday’s new favorite band Raccoons in Heat.  A Goddess of Destruction channeling Judge Judy. Two words: parallel universes. Totally gratuitous girl-on-girl action. You want know how to smile like the Mona Lisa. You know that Miracle Max and Valerie are the […]


Tech is also the first time that I’m seeing Play #6 Oscar Clyde Denman by Jennifer Jasper. The band starts in with a loopy carnival-esque Pop Goes the Weasel. Hey, and I’m getting a run of this one too. Go, Alyson Soma! I am loving the hell out of these directors.  A square is taped out on the floor. This play is weird and twisted in a completely different way than Jennifer’s offering from yesterday. Totally different topic and style, but still disturbing, OCD […]

and there’s a troll

Virgin Designer Katie Driscoll gave me some challenging words to use in my blog posts this weekend.  I’ve already managed to use rhododendron (our state flower), shower curtain and now I can use poop (sort of).  I am not going to tell you which play this is from.  You’ll have to come out tonight to find out for yourself but this is a line from one of the plays tonight.  “I have to shit too.” Meanwhile, Erin Pike is looking […]

torsion and wet panties

Dear Diary, We have reached that place of torsion that happens in the theatre.  Everything is coming together but only through an immense amount of hard work, cooperation and details, details, details. I feel a little diffuse while everyone else is extremely focused.  I see women on stage with dresses as red as a rhododendron on Mother’s Day.  There are a lot of women in this show, eighteen of them, in fact.  There is a play about Goddesses called “The […]

How Did I Not Notice This?

There is a human-sized cat condo onstage!!!  Fucking brilliant.

A Sweet Breath of Surrealism

I’m visiting Play #2, Alfred by Holly Arsenault, at tech and I’m lucky that director Maria Glanz is trying for a run through. We’ve got a lovely opening image that reminds me of Magritte. Simple and strikingly beautiful before the actors even start speaking. The play has a simple-complex feeling. Haunting. Surreal. A little bit sweet. A little bit dark. I’m excited to what the next two hours of time will do to it, because I’m already fascinated. I’m starting […]

Right to the Edge and Over

Until now, I’ve been missing the timing on sitting in on a rehearsal of Nic Perelos’ Kids. Today. After talking to Mark Waldstein at lunch, I knew that I couldn’t miss this one. Mark called this the show to end them all. “Like, right to the edge before they close us down.” Director Julia Griffin wins the undying love of her cast by promising an hour break so they can take a nap if they can just get through a couple […]