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A Writer’s Approach

Bret Fetzer is about to find a quiet(ish) little nook on the Bullitt Balcony where he can take a cat-nap before the show goes up. I mention I heard he cranked out his play last night before the first show was over, his fastest yet! I ask him if he has a certain writing approach for 14/48 and he says no. He really goes with the inspiration of the particular festival’s theme. Something To Write Home About is one of […]

LAST SUPPER Dinnertime before we all move to the theater to get this thing underway. For me, this has been one of the most pleasant, interesting and rewarding 14/48 experiences ever. Thanks for the invitation and to all of you, congratulations and BREAK A LEG. Come on down and see the 8pm or 10:30pm performances of seven brand new plays.

A Moment of Thanks…

We’re sitting down to our last meal together and in two hours the show will go on! This goes out as a special “THANK YOU” to the 14/48 gods and to everyone involved in the festival both front and back of house for giving their all to this incredible exercise in risk-taking and camaraderie that makes this Theater community the family it truly is. We also extend this thanks to YOU the audience for supporting this festival with your attendance, […]

Show #6 Tech: Bret Fetzer’s The Adventures of Henry

Veteran director Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom goes through sound needs first, which gives a clear indication of the child like whimsy that Bret’s script calls for. It’s good to know that they make footie pajamas in adult male sizes (Veteran actor Bob Christer makes for a believable young child). Both Bob and his scene partner, Veteran Julia Griffin, are able to show a range in their roles this weekend, given that they played a caveman, and a scantily clad demi-goddess […]

The Lucky Charms School of Accents

Show #5 Tech: Wayne Rawley’s Camp Lake Sunnylake

That Beatles’ cover is mixed with a healthy dose of Sid Vicious, it turns out. Meanwhile, could we get a hand for the knee-length tube socks, folks? Kaleb Hagen Kerr, Colleen Carey and Tonya Andrews make a winning case for their re-emergence. Then Frank Lawler enters wearing…Look, if you can pick up the wink/nod reference in Rawley’s title, there are only a few archetypes that you can imagine. This is a sound heavy show, so several problems are presented and […]

Harry Todd Jamieson tries out his lovely new disfiguring facial scar for tonight’s production. Jana Hutchinson is the blood and gore technician.

Best Laid Plans

Show #4 Tech: Marcy Rodenborn’s I Dare You

The band cover’s Beck’s “Loser” heading into show #4, and the transition involves both an onstage practical, and a large flat that looks vaguely Mediterranean. There are a lot of stage elements going into this piece, so time is taken placing everything correctly and spiking it. Afterward, we go back to the end of show #3 and work the transition, and it is a testament to the run crew’s professionalism that it goes smoothly after the only going through it […]

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