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The unicorn peed

That is all I have to say. More photos coming, but thats all I have for 14/48 outdoors, folks. Fantastic work everyone! See you in January!


Intermission of the 10:30 and the audience is going wild for this one. The actors are getting a little antsy, and there are definitely some additions since the 8pm.

Photos photos photos

There will be more coming, I promise! From photographer extraordinaire Ian Johnston:  They’re rehearsing, I promise. Show stealer! Rockin’ out to the Spice Girls ’nuff said. The unicorn pees on Ashley. The dance moves they taught everyone for curtain call.

Act Two

<p>The band’s brilliant original song “Self Help” with Chuck Leggett solo kicks us off.</p><p>Show #5 – Blank Because Blank by Jim Lapan directed by Shawn Law: One of my favorites of the night. Two older sisters are fighting while their baby sister (a show-stealing Marianna de Fazio) plays in the pool. The fight eventually turns into bonding over difficulties in their young lives. Touching, funny, and rockin’ dance moves. Way to go, band. The crowd enjoyed this one a lot. […]

Act One

The band opens with “I get by with a little help from myself”… Well done, 14/48 band. Jodi-Paul gives a warm welcome, and it starts raining! For the first time in almost two months. The whole crew of staff and volunteers springs into action to move tents and make this happen. Self Help! Show #1 – Face Program by K. Brian Neel directed by Jake Groshong: The eyes, ears, lips, and nose of a fourteen year old boy are ready […]

Almost ready!

The actors are nervous, the crowd is large, the band is ready to rock. It’s almost time for the first show of the second night of the first ever 14/48 outdoors!

7 o’clock company meeting

A lot of energy in the room. Actors are running lines, directors are giving last minute notes, and everyone is giving Gilbert a hug. Stage Manager Dani reminds everyone to be careful with the mics. And check your props! Project! But save your voice. Strike details have been set. Curtain call choreography, courtesy of Tim Hyland, is being taught. PDOC and Shawn say some moving words about dreams coming true, there may be tears in the room, and then EBF […]

Overheard at 14/48

“Can you get the rest of his mohawk? He lost it.” “So pretty much wait ’til she stops peeing?” “I don’t have your diaper yet.” “The only thing we can’t set is the human baby.”

Tech Run #7 – Time Sweepers

Our final show of the evening comes from Matt Smith, directed by Darian Lindle. We’re watching the Miss Homemaker: Universe Edition pageant, when things start to go awry – time travel and unicorns are involved. They start with a cue-to-cue. They run out of time for a full run. Some really brilliant costumes and props from the design team. Keira McDonald’s unicorn suit is a triumph – but will it pee? With that, the band rocks out into curtain call […]

Tech Run #6 – Yoga, the Manly Art of Relaxation

This is today’s most infamous play – Scott Herman’s two-hander where Virgin actor Matt Gilbert is the only one with lines. He plays a yoga instructor leading Keith Dahlgren’s character through a very macho-man-inspired yoga routine. Virgin director Rachel Delmar has tried to keep it simple to help Matt focus on lines, but there are a couple of nice sound effects from the band. Because we’re pressed for time, they don’t get a full run. If Matt and Keith can […]