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Hey pretties, If you were part of this fucking amazing group of volunteers and artists, I wanted to talk to you. That’s right. YOU! But I’m one little person. And with all those cookies tonight, not so little. HOWEVER, there were many, many people I missed getting to chat with because y’all were hella busy making shit happen. Like really really fantastic stuff. For those of you I missed getting to connect with, adding one of your one-liners or finding […]

Closing Night Energy! Or Things I Didn’t Notice At The 8pm Show

As promised, the 10:30 show is energetic and um.. drunk. Hey, I call ’em like I see ’em people. Everyone here understands opening night and closing night energy. The cheers almost tear the roof off and even the band is louder. New things to mention: 1. Already Jonah, from play #1, is ad-libbing a little extra. “You’re a Green Stage fan? Sit down.” 2. I missed Jose’s line, “And then I heard a lot of swearing and I thought, ‘That’s […]

Saturday’s 8pm Act 2!

Everyone’s got fresh drinks and empty bladders. Let’s do this! Act 2! The band begins with I Think You Ain’t From Around Here featuring Ms. Alyssa Keene who kills it. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the original songs they wrote today. Play #5 The Legitimate Fear, written by Ben McFaddenDirected by Allison StricklandCast: Corey McDaniel, Anthony Winkler and Erin Kraft A couple on a road trip argues over whether they should stop and ask for directions when they run out […]

Saturday’s 8pm Show – Act 1!

The band waltzes in taking pictures of themselves, wearing bright and tropical outfits and I realize they’re playing tourist. They introduce Jodi-Paul, who’s looking dapper in a white suit and blue pocket square and snazzy blue shoes, with People Are Strange. “We really upped the ante on this one,” he says. “We’ve torn down the roles this time. We’re all the writers, all the directors, the designers, the band. WE ARE ALL KAMIKAZE!” Whoo hoo! Act 1! Play #1 You’ll […]

1 Minute To Curtain!

It’s a sold out 8pm show again! Not surprising. And due to being a little more run down than yesterday, as everyone is, I didn’t get to check out tech too much. I know everyone moved through the day a bit smoother than yesterday, even if they were dragging. Some of the crew just started today and they look fresh-faced and eager. I’m sure those transitions tonight will be seamless. Tonight’s audience is again similar to last night’s 8pm. Less […]

Interview With A Veteran Director: Nik Perleros

During lunch Nik Perleros had some time to give me his thoughts on how this weekend was working for him. So how’s you’re experience so far? “It’s been awesome. I’m the only veteran director, which was sort of a relief. But also, I really wanted to be a writer. That was my hope. Part of it was that I’d already be done with my job right now. I’m shooting a little movie tomorrow and the call time is 5am. So […]

Saturday Gibberish Mostly

Saturday mornings in the 14/48 theater means everyone looks a little more comfortable and a whole lot more tired. Everyone’s still excited, but they may need a little extra caffeine (or even a power nap) to get through the day. People know what to expect now even though the group they work with will most likely be different than yesterday. I’m getting complimented left and right on my pants. I even got a shout out from a car on one […]


This is where the Kamikaze blogger shuts her eyes for a ten-minute power nap.. because, if she doesn’t do it on purpose, she’s going to do it by accident.. any.. mome……..

Directors’ Meeting!

Damn! It’s already 3pm. Director’s meeting is now. Roy is missing! ROY TO THE LOBBY! Tech is in 30 minutes. The stage managers have added one fabulous and extraordinary, Lou Butler for tonight to help Jason Harber. Lou rocks my socks.  Yay! Roy is here! Show #1 seems minimal though there’ll be a little crew help required mid-show. Show#2 will have a five-foot cat scratch stand. Because, you know, cats. Show#3: No set! Lou tells Cole, “You’re so pretty!” Tess […]

Overheard at 14/48

There are so many one-liners overheard while everyone is working. It’s hard to catch them all, but when you hear one, you hope to God you remember it. Comedy gold, I tell you. (The first two were hand-delivered by Mr. Evan Whitfield.) Band advisor, Tim Moore, to writer Jon Lutyens: “Is the whole thing in gaelic?” Jon Lutyens to his assigned director: “I guess they don’t have to die.” In the greenroom, Trick Danneker spouts some necessary needs for an […]