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The Day After

Wowzers. Well I don’t know about you, but I woke up at 3. That’s right 3pm. Holy cow. What a weekend. Wanted to take the time to thank the actors, designers, directors, playwrights, volunteers, the steering comittee, and ACT Theater for making this 14/48 as bitchin as it was. I know I had a blast, and I’m pretty damned sure everyone else did too. That’s it for me peeps. See you around the wonderful world of theater. PEACE!


Holy hip shake of hippos! 10:30 show is about to start. Guess how many beers I’ve had? First one to guess wins a prize. The prize? Well, there’s no prize…but try anyway. 10:30 show….GO!

14/48 Syllables: Signing Off

Alright bitches.The 8:00 p.m. show has ended and my hip sockets can’t wait to get off this damn table. Thanks for letting me write completely ridiculous reviews in the true, absurd spirit of all things 14/48.I can confidently say that working under a PRECISE SYLLABLE DEMAND is Writer Hell. I don’t know how Shakespeare did it. The busy weekend comes to a close, the party comes to a start, and it’s been swell.See you next time, Seattle. Let’s get drunk. […]

Signing Off

With this post I’m going to separate myself from my computer, to enjoy the ten-thirty show from the comfort of the Falls Theatre. It’s been a pleasure to witness all of the good work that’s been done the past few days, and an honor to be invited to participate. Don’t be strangers. J

1st Show Done!

What’s it like after the 8pm show? Lots of people relieved and still scared of the 10:30pm. Here’s what we got.

Review Seven: I Am at War With You

#7) I Am at War With You by Sean Nelson, directed by Wayne RawleyFeaturing: Corey McDaniel, Keira McDonald, Deniece Bleha, Colleen Robertson, Tracy Leigh Job interview gender fight and unnecessary song.  

I Am at War With You

“At War” starts out as a play about togetherness under pressure, with the suggestion that people applying for positions or jockeying for stations need not necessarily resort to coldness, meanness, distance or cruelty. The point is agreed upon by the four women present, who take the risk of reaching out to one another, defying habit and paradigm. When the lone man in the room is not only unaccepting of the idea but callous and attacking to his kind company the […]

Review Six: For Love and Love Alone

#6) For Love and Love Alone by Josef Krebs, directed by Nik Perleros Featuring: Zoey Belyea, Trick Danneker, Mark Fullerton, Amanda Lee Williams Hollow action flick gets thrown onstage. Tech designs fulfill. 

For Love and Love Alone

“For Love” is a parody of the spy-action spectacle. The word in the booth is “ridiculous,” delightfully and intentionally so. While my assessment is somewhat informed by the light operators’ murmurings over the thirty-something cues, the crowd was clearly involved and excited throughout. An ambitious and brave approach to theater and a ‘spirit of risk-taking’ paid off here. Plenty.

Review Five: Universal Corner

#5) Universal Corner by Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom, directed by Stan Shields Featuring: Scott Nollette, Brandon Felker Two men navigate a nightclub and find love. Conversational insight on a couple of guys searching for something bigger. Well-intended preciousness.